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Set Some Goals

30 May 2012 — Ever since I started running some eight years ago, I’ve enjoyed the sport so much and always will. But in order to get more out of the sport, you… read more

Running for Two

30 May 2012 — Paula Radcliffe (36), the women’s marathon world record holder from England, ran a 10km race while seven months pregnant. On top of that, she kep… read more

Crossing Over

30 May 2012 — When you find yourself in the middle of a conversation between a group of paddlers and runners, you soon realise that bantering between these two disci… read more

Living my Dream

30 May 2012 — In high school I never considered myself to be a runner. Instead I was always the person who cheered on my friends during our inter-house athletics. Bu… read more

An Unforgettable Experience

30 May 2012 — Contego Wines2Whales Mountain Bike Race and Adventure Spirits were high on 6 November when over 700 mo… read more

ADVENTURE ADDICTS blow hot in icy Burnie

30 May 2012 — Four hundred racers, 23 nationalities, 730km of harsh terrain, and the unforgiving Tasmanian weather… these were just a few of the obstacles stan… read more

René’s Joy in Japan

30 May 2012 — Yokohama Women’s Marathon, Yokohama, Japan, 20 November I was very excited when I received a lat… read more

Cape Kids Moving the Right Way

30 May 2012 — Whilst the 2010 Healthy Active Kids report card might have indicated that 42% of South African children do not get enough physical activity to reap hea… read more


30 May 2012 — Day 1 saw us completing a circular route which involved some unbelievably steep climbs and descents along the rather techn… read more

Triathlon Paradise

30 May 2012 — The Indian Ocean Triathlon has to be one of the most beautiful, yet accessible, triathlons in the world. The organisation is a tight collaboration betw… read more

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