Alan’s BIG 40

Cool, Cooler, Coolest Winter Gear!


Salomon XR Mission Trail Shoes

Whether you are a serial trail
runner or just want to look the part, this shoe is for you. Despite its somewhat
chunky look, the XR Mission is lightweight. Initially it felt like quite a hard,
rigid shoe, and I was worried it might be uncomfortable, but after lacing up
for an hour-long run on sandy bushveld terrain, I found that the shoe was
extremely comfortable, and especially supportive. It helped to keep my feet
stable, and I believe you will rarely twist your ankle with this shoe, as it
keeps your foot firmly in the right position. Also, the hard sole ensures that
you don’t feel any sharp stones or other objects while running.


Very importantly for me, I am prone
to sore toenails after longer runs, but I found the roomy toe space this shoe
offers left my toes in perfect condition. I also liked the shoe’s quick-lace
feature, which ensure that you don’t have laces coming undone mid-run, and it
also means you can now pop the shoes on and off much quicker. In short, I loved
running in these shoes. The rougher the trail, the better!

Recommended Price: R1299.00 – Available
at Cape Union Mart, Due South, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Salomon Concept Stores
and selected independent retailers.



Falke Approach Trail Sock (Moh-Rino Adventure socks)

Falke socks coupled with the Salomon XR Mission Trail Shoes are a match made in
‘foot heaven!’ Made from merino mohair, which makes them extra snug, they are tailor-made
to fit the foot perfectly. In fact, I have never seen socks with so much design
detail, and they are slightly thicker than your normal summer socks, but only
in certain sections where more support is needed. The sock is woven tighter at
the arch of your foot to create more support, and the heel is also a little
thicker and deeper to ensure that your sock won’t slip into your shoe. The top
has a thinner texture, which makes the sock more breathable overall, despite
the thicker sections. Best of all, I found that the socks never got sweaty on
longer runs.

Price: R65.00 – Available exclusively at selected Cape Union Mart stores.



Falke Ladies’ Paisley Hiking Sock ((Moh-Rino Adventure socks)

If you are more into hiking than
running this is the sock for you! It covers more of the ankle to work well in
tandem with a hiking boot, and is woven thick to keep your feet warm and protected
on those cold winter hikes.

Recommended Price: R85.00 – Available exclusively at selected
Cape Union Mart stores.



Asics Fuji Long Running Tights

These tights fit all the way down to
the ankle and I found they fit perfectly over each section of the leg. A
different fabric is used behind the knee, which helps your leg bend freely.
Millions of glass beads have been used to make up the fabric of the tights,
which give it a reflective component, and makes the tights perfect for dark
morning or evening runs. I found the material very light and breathable; yet it
kept me warm enough in chilly weather. Rest assured you can take on any terrain
with these tights. They are a comfortable fit for any shape and size.

Recommended Price: R599.00 Available at Due South & Totalsports.


adidas Supernova
Long Sleeve Tee

When running
in winter, you need to pick clothing that will protect you from the freeze
while doubling up by keeping you dry and cool. This adidas tee not only kept
the sweat out on a run, keeping me dry and cool, it also kept me warm at the
same time. It’s important for me to feel ‘free’ on a run, and this tee doesn’t
restrict your natural movement. The fabric is silky and light, the design is well-fitted
and comfy, and the tee doesn’t feel like it ‘sticks’ to the skin. Also it’s
funky – adidas always seems to impress with attractive, bright colours! This is
your easy go-to training top.

Recommended price: R449.00 –
Available at Sportsmans Warehouse stores.


adidas Trail Hybrid Long Sleeve Top

The mornings in the great outdoors usually feel even
chillier than in the city, so when taking on the trails, you want something
warm to wear, but as trails are more challenging than the flat road, you tend
to warm up a lot quicker. The adidas Trail Hybrid top is ideal for these
conditions, as it has a soft fuzz inside the inner of the top which comforts
you in cold conditions, but the lightness of the top prevents it from making
you too hot when your body has warmed up. There are little holes at the ends of
the sleeves for your thumbs to fit through, which also protects your hands in
cold weather. Another great thing is that the material used has a
‘wind-breaker’ element to it, which is exactly what you want for harsher winter
conditions. It also has a flattering fit with funky striking colours.

Recommended price: R799.00 – Available at Sportsmans
Warehouse stores.