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Finding Who I Really Am!

2 Apr 2012 — I remember from a very young age wanting to be a professional netball player. I really enjoyed playing all sorts of sport and being active. However, wh… read more

First-timer Smashes Three Peaks Record

2 Apr 2012 — Three Peaks Challenge, Cape Town, Western Province, 5 November The history of the Three Peaks Challeng… read more

South African Glory in Soweto

2 Apr 2012 — Soweto Marathon, Soweto, Central Gauteng, 6 November Mazibuko ran with the lead group for most of the… read more

Stephen Tastes the Big Apple

2 Apr 2012 — ING NEW YORK CITY MARATHON, USA, 6 NOVEMBER It was Stephen’s first ‘Big City Marathon …… read more

A River Runs Through It

2 Apr 2012 — Fish River Canyon Ultra, Namibia, August 2011 The race route differs slightly from the hiking trail in… read more

Pain in the Swimming Pool

2 Apr 2012 — I’m training for my first Ironman 70.3 and have recently developed a painful Achilles when swimming. The pain starts with a burning sensation in… read more

Screen the Sun

2 Apr 2012 — Most of us do our running, cycling or swimming in the early morning or late evening hours, which means we are training when the sun’s rays are no… read more

Sleep: The Silent Training Partner

2 Apr 2012 — When talking to professional athletes about their daily routines, you quickly realise a ‘day in the life’ generally consists of three thing… read more

Laws of running

2 Apr 2012 — The phrase “You’re fired” is bandied about easily in reality TV programmes like The Apprentice, but in the real world, letting somebo… read more


2 Apr 2012 — For Malcolm Lange, the title of one of South Africa’s cycling legends is well deserved. In his almost 20 years as a professional cyclist, Malcolm… read more

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