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Laws of running

2 Apr 2012 — The phrase “You’re fired” is bandied about easily in reality TV programmes like The Apprentice, but in the real world, letting somebo… read more


2 Apr 2012 — For Malcolm Lange, the title of one of South Africa’s cycling legends is well deserved. In his almost 20 years as a professional cyclist, Malcolm… read more

No More the ‘Nearly Man’

2 Apr 2012 — In 1999, Arnaud Malherbe was part of the SA team at the World Champs in Seville, Spain, that clocked 3:00.20 in the 4x400m relay final to set a new SA… read more

With a Little Help from my Friends

2 Apr 2012 — Ever since I can remember, running has been my passion and I live, eat and sleep it. The year I was born, my dad finished the Comrades in 8:31. The fol… read more

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Himalayan High

2 Apr 2012 — In mountaineering circles they talk about the Death Zone, when climbers go above 8000m and their bodies start to shut down due to a lack of oxygen in t… read more

The Long Way Down: On a bicycle

2 Apr 2012 — Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman may think they did something special by travelling from Cairo to Cape Town on motorbikes, but they ain’t seen n… read more

A Thumbs up for the New York City Marathon!

2 Apr 2012 — The 2011 ING New York City Marathon (NYCM) weekend was a record-breaking weekend in many aspects. Not only did about 47 000 runners from all over the w… read more

The year that was: The good, the bad and the ugly

2 Apr 2012 — FEBRUARYA marathon a dayStefaan Engels, a 49-year-old Belgian who was told when he was little he shoul… read more

Swim, Bike, Run, Romance

2 Apr 2012 — You could say that the day Erhard and Rozi met spelt the end of her running career… but definitely not in a bad way! Rozi, a pure runner who was intr… read more

Get the Kids Running!

2 Apr 2012 — People often think of townships as places where one encounters traffic congestion and a feeling of insecurity. But the recent Pick n Pay Junior Road Ru… read more

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