Dream Come True

Swim to the Beat – Neptune MP3 Player


Chat to any swimmer,
especially triathletes, and often the refrain is mostly the same: “I get so
tired of swimming from one end of the pool to the other, with only the white line
as company… It all gets a bit monotonous.” Sure, we all know that when swimming,
one needs to be in the moment, concentrate on form, focus on breathing and all
those things that help to us become better swimmers – but there is definitely a
time and a place that some underwater tunes can brighten a swimming session,
especially when doing long aerobic sessions!


FINIS, a world leader in
technical swimming products, recently launched the new waterproof Neptune MP3
Player, and what a nifty little gadget this is! You can now listen to your favourite
music, or even audio books, while working out in the pool. Many runners will
tell you they just can’t train without their iPods, and very soon many swimmers
are bound to be saying the same about the new Neptune.



My initial question was,
“How do I listen to this nifty little gadget without earphones?” Well, this
unique MP3 player uses revolutionary bone conduction technology to transmit
crystal clear audio through the cheekbone and directly into the inner ear. H
umans are
able to detect sound vibrations through the air via our eardrums (air
conduction), or through our bones directly into our inner ear (bone
conduction). Because there is no air under the water, bone conduction is the
best way to hear audio while swimming.


The device has two side speakers that rest on your
cheekbones and attach to any goggle strap. The OLED screen sits comfortably on
the back of the head. You simply open the clips on
the side unit and slide up onto your goggle straps. It needs to fit flush
against your head and the speakers should be placed in front of the ear and not
over your ear, resting against your temple bone for ideal clarity.


The speakers vibrate the jaw bones and send vibrations
to the inner ear, or cochlea. The result is a great audio experience that makes
it feel as if the music is playing inside your head. Your ears are free and
clear, and there are no ear plus to mess with. And what a pleasure while
swimming: The device is extremely comfortable and after a couple of minutes,
one is not even aware of it. It feels as comfortable as your goggles or
swimming cap.



You don’t have to worry about runnig
out of new tunes when swimming, because the Neptune’s
4GB of
storage holds approximately 1000 songs, or 60 hours of playback. The device is
compatible with iTunes and plays all popular formats. The Neptune also comes
with a charging cable that allows for quick song uploading, and a drawstring
mesh bag for storage. It is waterproof up to three metres and has a rechargeable
eight-hour lithium-ion battery. The Neptune MP3
Player has
already been awarded the
prestigious “Red Dot Award:
Product Design
2013” for high quality design, and we’re sure you will love it, too.


The Neptune MP3 Player retails at
R1890 and can be ordered online at www.finis.co.za.