Trust Me, I can Do This

There was no fanfare when Zubayr Isaacs quietly crossed the finishline of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon last October in just under five and a half hours, but those who know his story will understand just how momentous his run was. And they will also understand just how proud, and relieved, his mother, Lameez Isaacs, was, when she finished half an hour later. You see, this young man is autistic, and finishing a marathon by himself was another big step in his remarkable journey since taking up running in 2017. – By Sean Falconer

How to Track Your Runner at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

Tracking runners for this weekend’s festivities in Cape Town is easy thanks the UltimateLIVE App!

To make it even easier we have created these easy for you to download the app, add the event you would like to follow, and even how to add your runners! 

Step 1:

Download the UltimateLIVE App from wither the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Step 2: 

Using the search tab on the home screen, search for “Cape”

This will show you, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Trail and Peace Runs (Saturday Events) and the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (Sunday) event.

Click on the event you would like to track a participant in.


Step 3:

To track your  runner, you simply search for them, using either their name or race number, under the Name / Number search bar.

Once you have found them click on their name and then press the Star to add them to your favourites. 


Step 4:

If you wish to receive push notifications for your favourites, press the bell icon and you will receive a notification for each split point that they pass.

The App will reflect the running time of your selected runners (i.e. from when they started the race).

Impossible is Nothing!

When we feel empowered to tell our stories, there are no limits to how much we can inspire others. Through BEYOND MY IMPOSSIBLE, adidas is empowering 11 women to cross their first marathon finish line, at the 2022 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon this Sunday! We have been following the journeys of all these phenomenal women and now you can track them as all 11 take on this amazing feat! To make it easy to find, we have all the ladies race numbers below, so finding them on the UltimateLIVE tracking app will be easy!

Tracking Details Below

Runner: Zoe Brown
Race Number: 3349
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Lenise Swanson
Race Number: 3466
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Ncebakazi Dyani
Race Number: 3317
Start Batch: C1


Runner: Leatitia Gradwell
Race Number: 3385
Start Batch: C1


Runner: Yentle Arendse
Race Number: 3350
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Jana Steyn
Race Number: 3512
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Kay Abrahams
Race Number: 3316
Start Batch: C1


Runner: Shaakirah Jaftha
Race Number: 3319
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Ashleigh Bredeveldt
Race Number: 3324
Start Batch: C1

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Runner: Melissa Abrahams
Race Number: 3318
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Tracey Abrahamse
Race Number: 3389
Start Batch: C1

Beyond My IMPossible

When we feel empowered to tell our stories, there are no limits to how much we can inspire others. Through BEYOND MY IMPOSSIBLE, adidas is empowering 11 women to cross their first marathon finish line, at the 2022 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon in October, while sharing their journey to the start line with the running community. 

The Coach


Living out her core value, “Driven by passion, pursuing excellence” since 2004, Coach Kathleen has guided numerous athletes to achieving provincial and national medals in track, cross country and biathlon.

She’s also helped many runners of all levels to conquer their first marathon or achieve that elusive personal best. Now she is putting her considerable talents to helping 11 women tackle their first marathon.


The Runners

Age: 32
Resides: Rondebosch 

Bio: Zoe describes herself as an “ordinary girl with an extraordinary job.”

She’s a radio presenter for The Flash Drive from 15h00-19h00 on KFM 94.5, and a TV presenter on the Expresso Show on SABC 3. 

Follow Zoe’s journey @zbzoebrown 

Age: 26
Resides: Rondebosch 

Bio: Ncebakazi runs with the adidas Runners Cape Town crew and is a hiking fanatic. She describes herself as an adventure enthusiast and the “coolest aunt, daughter and sister!”

Her latest adventure is being on a journey to finish her first marathon.

Follow Ncebakazi’s journey @dyanincebakazi 

Age: 41 
Resides: Monte Vista 

Bio: As a medical doctor and mother of four, Lenise is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. She loves taking on new challenges, and this year has chosen to compete in her first full marathon. Her future goal is to participate in major international marathons, while experiencing many wonderful countries and cultures around the world. 

Follow Lenise’s journey @lenise_swanson  

Age: 45
Resides: Plumstead

Bio: Leatitia is a wife and mom, who works in the pharmaceutical industry. She describes herself as a Christian girl from Mitchell’s Plain trying to better herself, and hoping it will empower other women in the process.

She believes that “we rise by lifting others.” When it comes to the Cape Town Marathon, Leatitia says she’s going to run with purpose: “I’m pacing myself and I’m going to end strong!”

Age: 33
Resides: Parow

Bio: Yentle is married, has a son and two more stepchildren, and works at a signage company. Family is really important to her, as she lost her Dad at a young age, and sadly, also her mom at the end of 2020. She spends most weekends running, watching her husband and children play soccer, and watching English football.

Follow Yentle’s Journey  @yentlearendse 

Age: 30
Resides: Langebaan

Bio: Jana spent most of her life in the bushveld of Limpopo. She recently moved to the West Coast in the Cape, and is fulfilling her dream to live at the beach.

Jana is a lawyer and enjoys going on all sorts of adventures while exploring her home country.


Follow Jana’s Journey @janasteyn92 

Age: 24
Resides: Somerset West

Bio: Kay describes herself as a runner and a creative. Family and community is important to her, and she enjoys the outdoors.

She’s currently on a journey to completing her first marathon, the Cape Town Marathon.

Follow Kay’s Journey @kayabrahams 

Resides: Steenberg

Bio: Shaakirah is a single mom, who was born and raised in the Cape Flats. She is an adidas Runners Booster, and has an absolute passion for running.

Her dream is to inspire change and make a difference through sport, specifically running. She describes herself as “inspired to inspire.” 

Follow Shaakirah’s journey @shaakirahjaftha 

Age: 3
Resides: Southfield

Bio: Ashleigh was born profoundly deaf in Cape Town with an identical womb-mate. She received a cochlear implant at the tender age of five and obtained full language. Today she’s a go-getter who enjoys outdoor activities and exploring hidden gems in South Africa and abroad.

Ashleigh is a graphic designer, a deaf awareness advocate, and is always ready to take on a new challenge!

Follow Ashleigh’s journey @jog4pizza 

Age: 35
Resides: Bellville 

Bio: Having experienced health challenges after being diagnosed with PCOS during her infertility journey, Melissa now considers running her medicine, her coping mechanism, and her quiet time with God. She says she is running towards the vision of becoming a happier, healthier individual, wife, and mother one day soon!

Follow Melissa’s Journey @melissaabrahams

Age: 40
Resides: Plumstead 

Bio: Tracey is a 40-year-old single mother to a young daughter and two fur babies. She is passionate about flowers, fitness, fierce females, furry friends, and the outdoors.

Tracey is an advocate for mental health and women’s empowerment, and she firmly believes that women need to uplift, encourage, motivate, support and celebrate each other.

Follow Tracey’s Journey @justcallmetrace_fitness