Running for Mental-Aweh-ness

Joburg runner Henry Cock is well on his way to running 133 half marathons on consecutive days in the Mentally Aweh Challenge. He will cover just over 2800km as he makes his way around the South African coastline, from Mozambique to Namibia, and he’s doing this not only to set a new Guinness World Record, but more importantly to raise funds for to promote mental health and ‘aweh-ness.’ – by Sean Falconer

Call of the mountains

In May, South African mountaineer Remy Kloos was seemingly within touching distance of the summit of Mount Everest, when she was forced to abandon.

Although greatly disappointed, she has moved the end date of her ultimate goal, and in the meantime will be using running and hiking to make sure she is ready to tackle the world’s highest mountains. – By Sean Falconer

Running there… And back again!

These are strange times to be a road runner, and there are some really interesting running challenges being dreamt up, like the recent Cape to Mossel Bay Virtual Challenge. At just under 400km, it was already one of the longest virtual races on the calendar, but when Ismail Isaacs won the event, being the first to ‘run to Mossel Bay,’ he did the natural thing and promptly started ‘running back again!’ – By PJ Moses

What a comeback!

Every runner dreams of having that perfect race, when you feel like you could run all day. For Irvette van Zyl, 23 May was one of those days,
and it brought her an unexpected new IAU 50km World Record. Not just because she was supposed to withdraw after setting the pace for
30km, but because just over a year ago she thought her running career may be over. – By Sean Falconer