Nick Knows Best!

Nick Bester is a celebrated running coach in South Africa, having worked with some of our most successful runners, including Olympic hopefuls Gerda Steyn and Irvette van Zyl. THIRSTI Water recently caught up with Nick to get his insights into how runners should be hydrating when they run. It’s a must-read for every runner wanting to know how to drink before, during and after a run!

Ann Breaks Record on Trail Debut!

In April, former Comrades Marathon winner Ann Ashworth literally dived in at the deep end when she tackled her first technical trail race at the Ultra-Trail Drakensberg, and in spite of the challenges posed by altitude, nutrition, gear and navigation, and running the longest race of her life – plus keeping husband David chatting – she ended up setting a new course record. By Sean Falconer

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Train with Trusted Trojan

Introducing the brand-new Trojan Supplement Range, available in Makro stores nationwide!

As your trusted health and fitness brand, they have listened to your requests, and they have delivered! The NEW Trojan supplement range is scientifically formulated from the highest quality raw materials and market-leading formulations, carefully curated to bring you advanced supplementation. They aim to elevate your lifestyle and be your partner in achieving your best mental and physical results.

From boosting your strength, aiding in building muscle, increasing your stamina, fast-tracking muscle repair and recovery, benefits to name only a few, our new product range will empower you every step of the way. They are always looking for new ways to support your journey with us, which is why we offer you uncompromised commitment to quality products, to help you achieve every fitness goal you set yourself!


 All-in-One Muscle Protein (4kg)

 Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Cream & Chocolate Cream

Key benefits:

  • Supports muscle growth & recovery.
  • 41g highly bioavailable protein per serving.
  • Low in fat
  •  Highest rates of nitrogen retention & amino acid conversion.
  • Added lactase enzymes in the form of Tolerase™ L to ease lactose digestion.

Recommended use: 700900ml water or milk + 5 scoops (300g)

  • Mix 5 scoops (300g) with 700-900ml of cold water or full cream milk.
  • Vary the amount of liquid to achieve desired consistency.
  • Take a full 300g serving once daily or as divided portions, to satisfy your protein or mass-gaining requirements.
  • Use as a recovery drink after training and/or a snack between meals.

TROJAN BCAA 10:1:1 Ratio

Muscle Armour (250g)

Flavour: Citrus Blast

Key benefits include:

  • Pump & energy
  • Supports muscle
  • Strength & recovery
  • Stamina
  • Muscle repair 

Recommended use: 300ml water + 2 scoops (10g)

  • Mix 2 scoops (10g) with 300-350ml water in a handheld shaker and leave to stand for 30 seconds before drinking.
  • Sip before and during a training session.
  • If you had a strenuous training session, take another serving immediately after training.


Complete Pump System (600g)

Flavours: Jungle Juice & Berry Punch

Key benefits:

  • Pump & energy
  • Focus, strength & power
  • Thermogenic
  • Supports recovery 

Recommended use: 250-300ml water + 2 scoops (30g)

  • Mix 2 scoops (30g) with 250-300ml water and stir or shake well.
  • Take 30-45 minutes prior to training.
  • New users may wish to assess tolerance with half a serving (1 scoop) and increase to a full serving (2 scoops), once tolerance has been achieved.


Premium Protein (900g)

Flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate

Key benefits:

  • Fast-digesting whey protein isolate & concentrate.
  • 20g of highly bioavailable protein per serving.
  • Easy mixing & great tasting.
  • Source of dietary fibre.
  • Added lactase enzymes in the form of Tolerase™ L. 

Recommended use: 150-200ml water + 1 scoop (30g)

  • Mix 1 scoop (30g) with 150-200ml of cold water or milk.
  • Vary the amount of liquid to achieve desired consistency.
  • Mix thoroughly in a blender or shaker for about 30 seconds, settle for 60 seconds, shake again before drinking.
  • Consume between 1 and 3 servings per day, depending on physical goal and protein requirements.
  • Servings may be doubled.


Training System (148g)

Flavours: Grape Kick & Berry Kick

Key benefits:

  • Pump & energy
  • Focus, strength & power
  • Thermogenic
  • Creatine-free

Recommended use: 200-250ml water + 1 scoop (7.4g)

  • Mix 1 rounded scoop (7.4g) with 200-250ml water and stir or shake well.
  • Take 30-45 minutes prior to training.
  • Can be increased to 2 rounded scoops (14.8g) with 400-500ml water, if tolerated.

Trojan, Your Partner in Health and Fitness

Human Performance. Multiplied

Ares Group Acquires the ‘Punk Rockers’ of the Performance World

For those who aren’t submerged in the supernova whirlwind that is the ‘Tri Life’ you may ask yourself what is the 2XU hype all about and how does it impact the world of sports product offering and the appointment of Poseidon (Pty) Ltd. as new distribution partners for South Africa, you are about to find out.

2XU (Pty) Ltd. Is an Australian | New Zealand-based multinational corporation hell-bent on creating a fitter, healthier world. With innovation in performance compression and apparel across multiple sporting codes, 2XU is perfectly positioned to make waves in the South African performance arena.

Poseidon Distribution Partnership

It comes as no surprise that the apparel sector was one of the most heavily impacted in 2020 and as a result there are very few companies in the industry on the path of growth and acquisition. The ARES Group, parent company to Poseidon (Pty) Ltd. Is the exception to this rule and they are excited to welcome the 2XU brand into their performance stable, accompanying leading footwear and apparel brand, Under Armour.

Although the 2XU brand has been available in South Africa since 2013, the appointment of the new distribution partner gives the 2XU a platform for extensive expansion, through both DTC and wholesale trade partnerships. The 2XU (“Two Times You”) brand symbolises the multiplication of human performance, and with its’ realigned strategic direction, is a really good fit for the expertise held within The Ares Group.

“It’s really exciting to be adding 2XU to the ARES stable of performance brands. The brand offers unrivalled technical excellence which is paramount to athletes performing in SA and is deep within our DNA at Ares. For the initial seasons, we are focusing on the sharp point of the brand, namely compression and triathlon, before expanding into the additional technical categories. 2XU fills a much-needed gap in the market and judging by the global heat on the brand, we are in for a long and prosperous partnership.” says, Gareth Kemp; Managing Director of 2XU

When asked to comment on the reacquisition of 2XU in South Africa – owner and now Brand Lead Mariette De Villiers comments, “With the muscle of the ARES group behind us, it is exciting to be able to lead 2XU into its next chapter in the SA Market. We have a compelling product, a clear roadmap, a strong team, and some fantastic industry support. With all these elements lining up, I’m confident that 2XU will claim its place as a leader in compression and performance gear in SA.”

2XU will be available in selected Totalsports and Sportman’s Warehouse doors and online

Human Performance. Multiplied.

As the world leaders in compression, 2XU takes a unique standpoint as being the ‘punk of sport’ in the performance world. These rule-breakers and the change-makers stand out from the rest with a unique brand handwriting communicated through their emotive content and graffiti-inspired artwork. With its origins routed in controversy, the brand lends this handwriting to a dual meaning – we’re here with or without permission to make the change and be the change, through driving inspiration.

“2XU has recently undergone a global rebrand, which has propelled it into an incredibly exciting chapter. With its roots firmly planted in tri, the brands fresh irreverence combined with its technical excellence has given it a very powerful identity and story-telling capacity enabling conversation directly with the thought
leaders and trailblazers of the industry. Its message is unmistakably performance, but with a fresh challenging brand tone that talks directly to the ‘punks of sport.”
says Lorrianne Cloete; Head of Marketing 2XU, South Africa

Product Selection and Focus

Product selections see the brand take shape in the SA market through three key areas Compression, Tri Suits and various multisport accessories including compression calf guards and open water swim accessories such as goggles, silicone swim caps, and timing straps. Compression gear will range from R999 for core compression shorts and sleeves to R1599 for full compression longs.


Run to Clean Up Our Oceans!

Ahead of World Oceans Day on June 8, adidas is harnessing the power of sport and using it as a force for change, by inviting you to join in its world-wide campaign to unite and Run for the Oceans!

From May 28 to June 8, adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans is returning for a fourth year, continuing its commitment to urgently address the devastating levels of marine plastic pollution in the oceans. For every kilometre recorded during this period as part of the campaign, adidas is committing to clean up the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from beaches, remote islands and coastlines!

How Do You Get Involved?

It’s as simple as downloading the adidas Runtastic app, going to the community tab and joining the “Run for the Oceans Challenge.

Once joined, you can link the app to your training account, so any kay you run will automatically update to the app. It’s that easy! And to get you really motivated, we will be running competitions where you can put yourself in the running to win five adidas hampers valued at R2000 each!

What is it all about?

Since 2015, adidas has made more than 30 million pairs of shoes with Parley Ocean Plastic. that’s plastic waste intercepted on beaches and in coastal communities, preventing it from polluting the oceans. But whilst progress has been made on the journey towards a more sustainable future, there is still vital work to be done in reducing marine plastic pollution.

Alberto Uncini Manganelli, GM Running & Credibility Sports at adidas, said: “As a global brand, and as global citizens, we have a big role to play in conserving the oceans and our planet. It is our responsibility to use our platforms, products, and voices to not just raise awareness, but to put into effect real action. In just three decades, the world’s oceans could contain more discarded plastic than fish if we don’t act now – only by working together and uniting can we end plastic waste.

To-date, adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans has united over 3 million runners around the world, collectively clocking up 25.5 million KMs and raising $2.5 million to help Parley develop its initiatives and educational programs in the fight against marine plastic pollution. In 2019, 92 schools were enrolled in the program and are now educations hubs, as well as plastic interception points for the local community. As a result, 70,000 kids and their families participated in the program.

Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and Founder of Parley, said: “More than a run or awareness campaign, Run for the Oceans has evolved into a powerful impact platform, one that inspires and empowers millions of people worldwide to unite around a common goal and support the oceans through sport, boosting the Parley movement through actual movement. And more than a partner, adidas has been a true ally, the family member we so urgently needed on our side to prove that industry can be the key that scales and accelerates solutions to the massive environmental problems we face. We believe that collaboration, creativity, and eco-innovation is the winning formula to save our oceans and end the global plastic crisis threatening the natural world, our own health and our future. Everyone who joins the run helps drive this vision forward.”

But this is just the beginning for the global initiative. As announced as part of adidas’ strategy ‘Own the Game’ in March (2021), Run For The Oceans will be further expanded to create a more inclusive digital and physical community space. By 2025, adidas aims to achieve a cumulative participation of 40 million people.

You can be part of this amazing journey to action significant change and clean up our oceans, all by doing what you already love to do… Running!




World Relay Championshipa

Trust key to the SA men’s 4x100m relay team being world champions!

The South African men’s 4x100m relay team dared to dream full well, knowing they will face obstacles, make mistakes and be criticised, but in the end, trust trumps all. That is why they are world champions.

On Sunday the 2nd of May, 2021, Thando Dlodlo, Gift Leotlela, Clarence Munyai and Akani Simbine won the gold medal at the World Relay Championships in Poland. The heroics can be described with one word. Guts! Simbine’s run over the last 100 metres coming from behind to pip Brazil’s Paulo de Oliveira on the finish line gave new meaning to making every centimetre count.

The Tuks based Leotlela attributed their heroics to hard work, belief, confidence and trust. “If a team has got that, there are no limits. Throughout the championships, the weather was atrocious. During our final, the temperature was 7 degrees. It drizzled as well. But we knew the weather is as it is. There is nothing we can do about it. All we had to do is trust each other. I think that is what got us through the race. The speed was there. Our challenge was to pass the baton without making mistakes.”

An ecstatic Simbine described it as doing the “job”. “We came to Poland with the idea to win a medal. And we did.” As to his duel over the last 100 metres, Simbine said, “I knew it was going to be tough. The thing I had going for me was being confident. I knew I could catch up.”

The Tuks based South African 100 metres champion certainly did not lack motivation. During Saturday’s heats, Italy’s Filippo Tortu outsprinted Simbine. He did not take too kindly to it as he was not racing to finish second. Especially when he represents his country. He vowed it was not going to happen again. Simbine’s split in yesterday’s final was 9.08s.

According to the Tuks based Dlodlo, he can become used to the idea of being part of a world champions team. “I won’t mind if we can do so at every championship. But we also need to be realistic. Our race was far from perfect. There are things we need to improve on.”

It is the first time the South African 4x100m men’s relay team medalled at the World Relays. Morné Nagel, Corné du Plessis, Lee-Roy Newton and Matthew Quinn did get gold during the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton, Canada, but only after the USA got disqualified. Tim Montgomery tested positive for a banned substance.

Unfortunately, according to Quinn, their heroics did not ignite a relay culture in South Africa. “We now have that. It is because of Paul Gorries (national relay coach)’s passion. He is building a great culture. The athletes have bought into his vision. “Last night’s win was incredible for the team. It was about creating that winning culture. It is essential going into the Tokyo Games.”

Quinn does not doubt the team will continue to be a force in world relays. “At the moment, I think only Akani and Gift are in shape. Clarence has just recovered from an injury. Luxolo Adams and Henricho Bruintjies are injured. Emile Erasmus has yet to reach his best form, as has Thando. The competition for places is going to bring out the best in our athletes.”

Watch how the team raced to victory below, courtesy of the World Athletics YouTube Channel

adidas Inspires the World to see Possibilities with Optimism Through Series of Powerful Global Films

Today, adidas introduces the evolution of its long-standing brand attitude Impossible Is Nothing. SEEING POSSIBILITIES – as told in bold, human films – is about rebellious optimism, rooted in the purpose from adidas in the power of sports to change lives.

Told in the documentary style of home footage, the series of 20 films provides a previously unseen side to some of the most documented individuals in the world, enabled via a powerful narrative delivered by friends or fellow athletes, and animated via resurfaced footage from the archives.

To adidas, Impossible is Nothing is a way of seeing the world for what it can be, not as it is. It is an attitude shared by its community and its partners.

Featuring previously unseen intimate moments, it follows stories in sport and culture, showing how optimism and action has shaped their lives. Exploring the future they imagined for themselves and making it a reality, the series celebrates the trailblazers that have made history on a global stage.

Beyonce saw the possibilities of inviting all of us to find our voice. To use her platform as a stage to celebrate our differences with all people.

Siya Kolisi the first Black captain of the South African Rugby team, saw the possibilities to lead his nation to victory at the 2019 World Cup, securing a win that stretched beyond the rugby pitch of Japan and touched the lives – and hearts – of all South Africans.

Tiffanny Abreu, the first trans woman to play in the Brazilian Volleyball Superliga, saw possibilities to return to the court, and inspire us all to embrace our own identities and live out who we are with courage.

Demonstrating how this attitude lives within adidas, several of the films explore innovative design:

Reimagining how the adizero Adios Pro could be a world-record beating distance shoe

Or how to help end plastic waste in collaboration with Parley’s CEO Cyrill Gutsch.

Other films in the Series:

Egyptian footballer Mo Salah

Indian sprinter Hima Das,

French footballer Paul Pogba

 Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

Brian Grevy Executive Board Member, Global Brandsadidas: ‘Impossible is Nothing is more than a campaign – it’s our attitude.  Seeing possibilities with optimism is key to achieving our purpose of changing lives through the power of sport. This attitude is what inspires us every day and is pushing us to build the future.’

The episodic content series kicks off 19 April, with new stories dropping throughout autumn and into winter. Follow the #ImpossibleIsNothing conversation on @adidasZA and, as more of the local adidas family share their stories too.