How to Track Your Runner at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon


Tracking runners for this weekend’s festivities in Cape Town is easy thanks the UltimateLIVE App!

To make it even easier we have created these easy for you to download the app, add the event you would like to follow, and even how to add your runners! 

Step 1:

Download the UltimateLIVE App from wither the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Step 2: 

Using the search tab on the home screen, search for “Cape”

This will show you, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Trail and Peace Runs (Saturday Events) and the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (Sunday) event.

Click on the event you would like to track a participant in.


Step 3:

To track your  runner, you simply search for them, using either their name or race number, under the Name / Number search bar.

Once you have found them click on their name and then press the Star to add them to your favourites. 


Step 4:

If you wish to receive push notifications for your favourites, press the bell icon and you will receive a notification for each split point that they pass.

The App will reflect the running time of your selected runners (i.e. from when they started the race).

Impossible is Nothing!

When we feel empowered to tell our stories, there are no limits to how much we can inspire others. Through BEYOND MY IMPOSSIBLE, adidas is empowering 11 women to cross their first marathon finish line, at the 2022 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon this Sunday! We have been following the journeys of all these phenomenal women and now you can track them as all 11 take on this amazing feat! To make it easy to find, we have all the ladies race numbers below, so finding them on the UltimateLIVE tracking app will be easy!

Tracking Details Below

Runner: Zoe Brown
Race Number: 3349
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Lenise Swanson
Race Number: 3466
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Ncebakazi Dyani
Race Number: 3317
Start Batch: C1


Runner: Leatitia Gradwell
Race Number: 3385
Start Batch: C1


Runner: Yentle Arendse
Race Number: 3350
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Jana Steyn
Race Number: 3512
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Kay Abrahams
Race Number: 3316
Start Batch: C1


Runner: Shaakirah Jaftha
Race Number: 3319
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Ashleigh Bredeveldt
Race Number: 3324
Start Batch: C1

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Runner: Melissa Abrahams
Race Number: 3318
Start Batch: C1

Runner: Tracey Abrahamse
Race Number: 3389
Start Batch: C1