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Comrades Marathon – Zero Tolerance Against Ambush Marketers

5 May 2015 — As South Africa gears up for the 90th Comrades Marathon on Sunday, 31 May 2015, the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has issued a very strong warning to so-c… read more

The Best Value Per Kilometre

30 April 2015 — WORDS: SARAH HEARN “This is a big one” nodded Richard Ayres with wild eyes, 40km and 10 hours into the Merrell Hobbit 100. The trail lends… read more

Kipsang a guest at LUX* Mauritius Marathon

29 April 2015 — The World-Champion, Ex-World-Record-Holder and winner of great marathons like Frankfurt, Berlin, London and New York, Wilson Kipsang and his wife Doreen wi… read more

The Edge Of Glory

29 April 2015 — For Pretoria-based sprinting sensation Akani Simbine, dipping under that magical 10-second barrier in the 100m does not look far off. Modern Athlete chats to th… read more

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The Trick is in the Taper

29 April 2015 — With the Comrades Marathon just around the corner, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the common mistakes runners make when it comes to tapering i… read more

Fix the Pre-Race Blunders

29 April 2015 — The week leading up to your big race can be overwhelming and the last thing you want to do is eat too much of the wrong foods, and too little of the right foods… read more

In Good Hands to Get You Home

29 April 2015 — The Modern Athlete Pacesetting Buses for the 2015 Comrades Marathon should be the biggest and best ever, thanks to the stellar crew of bus drivers and conductor… read more

Remember the Name!

29 April 2015 — A year ago many of us had never even heard of Caroline Wöstmann, but after finishing first South African woman at the 2014 Comrades and winning the 2015 Ol… read more

The 2015 Colgate Road Race Entries Still On!

28 April 2015 — A message from race organisers below: “Runners and members alike seem to be under the impression that the Colgate race entries have closed, please no… read more

Murray raced his heart out for home fans

28 April 2015 — South African Richard Murray gave it his all in a bid to finish on the podium at Sunday’s Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town.   In the end M… read more

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