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Comrades 2016: It Will Humble You

13 Aug 2015 — The 2016 Comrades Marathon campaign was launched by the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) in Johannesburg on Thursday 13 August, with the proudly South Africa… read more

Backwards for the Bees

7 Aug 2015 — Running the Comrades forwards is hard enough as it is for most runners, so just imagine how much harder it must be to run it backwards! But that is what Farai S… read more

Winter Alternatives

6 Aug 2015 — Winters are not for sissies. They’re dark and cold, and can be downright miserable. But that doesn’t mean you have to take months off from training… read more

Super C!

6 Aug 2015 — Mostly known for its flu-fighting properties, Vitamin C can also pack a punch and influence your performance out on the road, as well as help you recover quicke… read more

Following Pheidippides

5 Aug 2015 — Michael Botes is set to run nearly 250km this September in the Spartathlon Ultra in Greece – and tick an item off his bucket list – as he retraces t… read more

Running on the Shoreline

5 Aug 2015 — Marine biologist, wife and mother of two, part-time TV presenter… that’s what Eleanor Yeld Hutchings has to juggle, but still she finds time to fit… read more

I’ve found my runner

5 Aug 2015 — What is better than a PB, a qualifying time or winning a race? Getting asked to spend the rest of your life with your best friend… who is also a runner. A mon… read more

Sprinters on Fire!

5 Aug 2015 — To say that South African sprinting is looking good right now would be one of the biggest understatements ever made in the history of track and field in this co… read more

Old Mutual Signs Up as Soweto Marathon Sponsor

5 Aug 2015 — The Soweto Marathon is proud to announce Old Mutual as its new title sponsor for the next three years. With the backing of Old Mutual, the Soweto Marathon will… read more

Running in the Family

22 Jul 2015 — It's a story, and an important one to all of us. A story involving five siblings – same mom, same dad, same common goal, to participate and complete t… read more

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