Putting on My Big Girl Pants

When I blew out the 20 candles for my birthday at the start of 2023, I didn’t know what lay ahead of me in the year I had signed up for on the road, but I knew I would be finding out a lot about myself, including how my legs would handle going further than they’d ever run before. I also knew I may have to convince a few doubters along the way that I can do it. – By Ela Meiring 

Trust Me, I can Do This

There was no fanfare when Zubayr Isaacs quietly crossed the finishline of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon last October in just under five and a half hours, but those who know his story will understand just how momentous his run was. And they will also understand just how proud, and relieved, his mother, Lameez Isaacs, was, when she finished half an hour later. You see, this young man is autistic, and finishing a marathon by himself was another big step in his remarkable journey since taking up running in 2017. – By Sean Falconer