The Running Mann: Searching for Pots, Chefs, Strooms

Now that I am finally back to enjoying one of my favourite hobbies, travelling the country to try run every marathon or ultra in South Africa, I recently found myself in Potchefstroom for the LetsGo Potch Marathon, and besides enjoying a good run with various running friends, I also delved deep down into the darker side of my sense of humour. – By Stuart Mann

Beware the Mountain Shark!

I have recently been called the ‘Mountain Shark,’ partly because I am a marine (shark) biologist who trail runs, but also thanks to my strategy of starting towards the back of races and sneaking up to overtake other runners the further we run. That strategy paid off in the recent RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100km, where I also learnt a few things about myself along the way! – By Leigh De Necker

Putting on My Big Girl Pants

When I blew out the 20 candles for my birthday at the start of 2023, I didn’t know what lay ahead of me in the year I had signed up for on the road, but I knew I would be finding out a lot about myself, including how my legs would handle going further than they’d ever run before. I also knew I may have to convince a few doubters along the way that I can do it. – By Ela Meiring 

The Running Mann: Back in the Saddle (on Dead Donkey Hill)

After a long lay-off from one of my favourite hobbies, travelling the country (and world) to run marathons, I finally made my long-awaited return to action at the Shikhumba Marathon in Limpopo Province, and found a solitary out-and-back route that gave me plenty of time to think about mosquitoes, flies, donkeys, music, beer and more. My kind of marathon! – By Stuart Mann 

Go, Shortie!

Go, Shortie!

Thanks to a changing approach to road running around the world, there is a growth taking place at the moment in shorter races, notably street miles and official 5km races. We decided to look at a few of these races, some now well established, some brand new, and how they are bringing an exciting new challenge, and a change in perceptions, to the South African race calendar. – By Sean Falconer