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Ares Group Acquires the ‘Punk Rockers’ of the Performance World

For those who aren’t submerged in the supernova whirlwind that is the ‘Tri Life’ you may ask yourself what is the 2XU hype all about and how does it impact the world of sports product offering and the appointment of Poseidon (Pty) Ltd. as new distribution partners for South Africa, you are about to find out.

2XU (Pty) Ltd. Is an Australian | New Zealand-based multinational corporation hell-bent on creating a fitter, healthier world. With innovation in performance compression and apparel across multiple sporting codes, 2XU is perfectly positioned to make waves in the South African performance arena.

Poseidon Distribution Partnership

It comes as no surprise that the apparel sector was one of the most heavily impacted in 2020 and as a result there are very few companies in the industry on the path of growth and acquisition. The ARES Group, parent company to Poseidon (Pty) Ltd. Is the exception to this rule and they are excited to welcome the 2XU brand into their performance stable, accompanying leading footwear and apparel brand, Under Armour.

Although the 2XU brand has been available in South Africa since 2013, the appointment of the new distribution partner gives the 2XU a platform for extensive expansion, through both DTC and wholesale trade partnerships. The 2XU (“Two Times You”) brand symbolises the multiplication of human performance, and with its’ realigned strategic direction, is a really good fit for the expertise held within The Ares Group.

“It’s really exciting to be adding 2XU to the ARES stable of performance brands. The brand offers unrivalled technical excellence which is paramount to athletes performing in SA and is deep within our DNA at Ares. For the initial seasons, we are focusing on the sharp point of the brand, namely compression and triathlon, before expanding into the additional technical categories. 2XU fills a much-needed gap in the market and judging by the global heat on the brand, we are in for a long and prosperous partnership.” says, Gareth Kemp; Managing Director of 2XU

When asked to comment on the reacquisition of 2XU in South Africa – owner and now Brand Lead Mariette De Villiers comments, “With the muscle of the ARES group behind us, it is exciting to be able to lead 2XU into its next chapter in the SA Market. We have a compelling product, a clear roadmap, a strong team, and some fantastic industry support. With all these elements lining up, I’m confident that 2XU will claim its place as a leader in compression and performance gear in SA.”

2XU will be available in selected Totalsports and Sportman’s Warehouse doors and online

Human Performance. Multiplied.

As the world leaders in compression, 2XU takes a unique standpoint as being the ‘punk of sport’ in the performance world. These rule-breakers and the change-makers stand out from the rest with a unique brand handwriting communicated through their emotive content and graffiti-inspired artwork. With its origins routed in controversy, the brand lends this handwriting to a dual meaning – we’re here with or without permission to make the change and be the change, through driving inspiration.

“2XU has recently undergone a global rebrand, which has propelled it into an incredibly exciting chapter. With its roots firmly planted in tri, the brands fresh irreverence combined with its technical excellence has given it a very powerful identity and story-telling capacity enabling conversation directly with the thought
leaders and trailblazers of the industry. Its message is unmistakably performance, but with a fresh challenging brand tone that talks directly to the ‘punks of sport.”
says Lorrianne Cloete; Head of Marketing 2XU, South Africa

Product Selection and Focus

Product selections see the brand take shape in the SA market through three key areas Compression, Tri Suits and various multisport accessories including compression calf guards and open water swim accessories such as goggles, silicone swim caps, and timing straps. Compression gear will range from R999 for core compression shorts and sleeves to R1599 for full compression longs.