02 Apr, 2013

Girls Meets Boy…

Girls Meets Boy…



Did other club members make an effort to mingle with you? Yes, from the very first time trial I took part in. Since my running club is not all that large, it made it very easy to mingle and meet new people.


From a single girl's perspective, do you get advances from the single guys in the club? Most are married or involved, but there are one or two that I have noticed giving me ‘the look,’ and one has actually made the effort to come and chat to me. It really motivates me to go to time trials in the hope that I see my new ‘friend.’


Have you ever dated anyone in your club? Yes, but sadly it did not work out.


How easy is it to be sociable in your running club? Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They also have a hamburger evening every last Thursday night after time trial, which is a great way to get to know healthy, fit people instead of going out to bars and night clubs.




Does being married affect your social life in your running and cycling clubs? I am very social with all my club mates, both male and female alike.


Knowing that you are married, do single male members pay any interest in you? I have not attended that many ‘meets’ at my running club, and I belong to my cycling club with my husband, so no, I would not say the male members pay any extra interest in me, but some other ladies might have a different experience.


Have you ever thought a guy in the club is too flirtatious? Not at the cycling or running clubs, whereas the gym tends to be more of a pick-up joint. Running and cycling take a whole lot more effort and for a man looking for a girl it is way easier to lift a couple of weights instead of running 21km or cycling 100km.


Which is more social, your running or cycling club? I would probably say cycling, as I know more people there, but I have heard that the runners are a rowdy, social bunch too.


So can you see a difference between the runners and the cyclists? The one group is more focused, painfully aware of what they eat and weigh, and the other is more social and not afraid to have a huge party the night before a race... I will leave it up to you to decide which is which.




Is being part of a club conducive to meeting someone special? Being part of a sports club does enable you to meet like-minded people who understand your lifestyle and share your passions.


How long did you belong to the club before going on a date? One year.


Do you know of other couples that met like you guys did? Yes, there are actually a few that I know who met this way.


Did either of you go to the club to meet people or were you purely focused on running? We both went mainly for the purpose of running, but making friends was definitely a big aspect of joining a club. I had not really thought of meeting a partner there.


Would you suggest to other singles to try meeting people through a club? Yes, definitely. Having a partner who shares your passion for a healthy lifestyle is very important. It also helps having someone who understands why you want to get up at five o'clock on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and supports you in all your crazy goals and ideas. Being able to run and train together is a great way to share quality time together.


 The Social Side of Things… from the Social Media


We asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter if they have met their partner through a running club, and to comment on the social side of being part of a club. Here are a few of the responses.


Sally Hollick: We've been together for more than six years now!

Liezel vd Westhuizen: Running is the best way to meet people, everyone greets when you run past.

Debbie Osborne: Lol, no, but I'd love too! It would be awesome to have someone to run with!

Maritza Hartkopf: Still trying to get my loved one to start running...