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Running from Pain

12 October 2009 — The proper role of pain relief medication in sports medicine has always been controversial. The effects and effectiveness of these drugs in treating mu… read more

Tried & Tested
Well Worth Having – Edition 6

12 October 2009 — … read more

Balance Biomechanics

11 September 2009 — The average runner strikes about 600 times per kilometre. Somebody who weighs about 70kg lands with roughly 120 tons of force per square centimetre per… read more

Christine on PROTEIN

11 September 2009 — Dietician, Christine Peters, shares some secrets about how PROTEIN affects our diet! Proteins are made up of amino acids, the build… read more

Health – The Trevor Toerien Way

11 September 2009 — Most sportspeople are willing to try anything new, be it different training sessions, learning how to meditate or starting a whole new eating programme… read more

Run Lite – How I Lost 50kg

11 September 2009 — The tall, muscular figure running into Durban’s Sahara Kingsmead Stadium almost gets lost amongst all the other shapes and sizes, but there is somethin… read more

Johnny – The Great All-Rounder

11 September 2009 — He was known as one of the greatest all round distance runners South Africa has ever produced. Not only did he win most of the high profile road races… read more

The Desert Runner

11 September 2009 — He has become known as the desert runner, a man who has done nearly all of his running in the most dry, hot and windy places on Earth; over sand dunes,… read more

Boksburg Athletic Club

11 September 2009 — Boksburg Athletic Club (BAC) is not just a running club. It is an institution steeped in rich history and this year, on the 29th of October, the club m… read more


11 September 2009 — TRI Training For Age Group Athletes This is the second in our triathlon training and racing series. No… read more

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