Winter Warming Tips


Try these winter-warming tips for surviving the cold months while still getting in your running fix.

1. Dress Right
You want to be warm without sweating so much you get a chill later from damp clothing, so you should be slightly cool when you start your run. Wear layers of technical fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin, with zippers at the neck and underarm area to vent air as you heat up. Also, wear gloves and a hat to prevent heat escaping from exposed extremities. After your run, get changed out of cold, damp clothing as soon as you can, because your core body temperature drops as soon as you stop running.

2. Warm up
Move around indoors enough to get the blood flowing but without breaking a sweat. Run up and down your stairs, or use a skipping rope, and a speedy house-cleaning session works, too.

3. Deal with Wind
Start your run into the wind and finish with it at your back, so you won’t be blasted by cold air after breaking a sweat, but to avoid a long, cold first half, you can break this into segments, such as running into the wind for 10 minutes, then turning to run with the wind at your back for five to seven minutes, and repeating.

4. Get Motivated
Make a date to meet someone for a run, because there's no backing out when someone is waiting. If running solo, tell yourself that you can turn back after five minutes if it's really bad – chances are good you’ll stay out there once you get going.