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parkrunner Q&A
Peter Hawthorne
Ebotse parkrun, Benoni

How did you get into parkruns?
“Ebotse was the third SA event started back in 2012. I saw a note in the local newspaper and thought it would be interesting. I was running essentially the same course already, but doing it alone. I must be the luckiest parkrunner in SA, as the start is only 500m from my house.”

Have you run any other parkruns besides Ebotse?
“Yes, I’ve run two in the UK and 22 in South Africa so far, and to date I’ve done 77 in total. I’ve been running regularly since 1985, but I can’t remember the other things I used to do on Saturday mornings that were so important before I started parkrun! The reason I have done so many of the parkruns in SA is that we have a motor home, bought originally to spend days overlooking waterholes in Kruger and other parks, but one winter we ran away to the coast to avoid the Highveld cold. Then along came parkrun, which gave us another reason to spend time at the coast, and I started to ‘collect’ runs.”

What do you think of the sense of community at parkruns?
“It’s fun to meet different people at different events – they’re all there for the same purpose, to enjoy the running, the surroundings and each other’s company.”

parkrun in your area

North Beach, Durban
Twitter: @NBparkrun
Facebook: NorthBeachparkrun

Every Saturday morning, hundreds of enthusiastic parkrunners gather outside the Suncoast Casino for their weekly 5km alongside the pristine Durban coast. The course takes you down the promenade alongside the ocean, past the smiling faces of our resident sand artists with their beautiful works of beach art, then on past bustling restaurants and paddling pools until you reach a familiar face waiting at halfway with a smile and word of encouragement. The last kay greets you with some welcomed shade provided by rows of exotic bush and palm trees until cheering volunteers bring you into the finish.

Durban humidity is not for the faint-hearted, but the views and friendly faces on the promenade make up for it! Durban’s warm winters also make it easy to get up and put your running shoes on. There are ample drinking taps along the route, and plenty of restaurants and cafés for a post-parkrun coffee and breakfast.

With free parking offered to parkrunners in the Suncoast Casino parking lot, finding a safe place for your car is a breeze. The course is flat and unchallenging, serving as the perfect time trial for the more competitive runner, or an enjoyable stroll for those out to enjoy some sun and a chat with friends. So join us! – Rox Lewis

Parkrun SA Stats

Number of parkruns: 26
Number of events: 1146
Number of active runners: 38 124
Number of individual runs: 172 683
Total distance covered: 863 415km
Total run time: 12 years, 342 days, 14 hours, 9 minutes, 55 seconds
*Last updated 18 March

Go to www.parkrun.co.za to find your nearest parkrun and to register for free. Just a simple contact form and voila, you’re good to go! OR follow parkrun on Facebook: parkrunSouthAfrica or Twitter: @parkrunSA

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