The Legend Lives On

Don’t fall prey


As the
winter chill arrives, so the mornings and evenings when we exercise are getting
darker and colder, and while you might feel safe running in your own
neighbourhood, it’s better to know how to become aware of what’s around you and
sidestep any potential danger. Whether you’re on a solo run, walk or ride,
there may be someone watching you, checking your regular route and how
vulnerable you are, so keep an eye out for that. It’s true what they say, there
is safety in numbers, but we can’t always join our club mates, training
partners or loved ones for a workout, so here are some essential safety tips
for scenarios you may face out on the roads or trails.


Scenario 2: You’re going out for an
early morning run by yourself and it’s dark out.

a loved one your route and how long you’ll be gone (even if it’s an early SMS
to your friend or mom). Alternate your running
routes and if you are running in the dark, choose a route with street lights.
Avoid crime spots like parks, alleys and subways. Find a friend who runs around
the same time as you do – there’s safety in numbers and it will help your motivation.


Scenario 2: You’re
running towards a suspicious-looking stranger on your usual route.

remember to trust that intuition telling you to avoid a certain situation. If
you see someone that looks suspicious or makes you feel uneasy, change your
route or cross the road so that you don’t have to run past them!


Scenario 3: On a solo run, a
stranger follows you and makes inappropriate gestures or wolf whistles.

Never react to strangers
on route. If the stranger follows you,
straight for any brightly-lit shop, garage or house. Remember to surround yourself
with people. The gestures could be harmless, but it’s better to be safe than
sorry. On your way home, get your key out before you reach your gate.


Scenario 4: On route, a
stranger runs towards you.

You have to think quick.
Carry a whistle/self-defense mechanism (irritant spray or shock unit) in case
of attack and keep it readily accessible. Also, consider leaving your iPod or
mp3 player at home, as you will not hear people that may have bad intentions
for you. Rather be aware of your surroundings so you can act quickly.