Watch out New York! Here we Come!

An Experience of a Liftetime


I am currently in the small city of Ushuaia, in Southern Argentina. I have not seen any penguins yet but it is COLD here.. All the training and prep work is done and now it is a waiting game. My mind always seems to work over time with a hundred different race scenarios going through my head; I can feel the pressure growing and just want the race to start. This race is very different to the other ‘conventional’ desert races I have done and there is a huge unknown element. I suppose I did not know what to expect going into my first race in the Gobi, but then at least I was also an unknown… The media, race organisers etc have touted me as one of the favorites to win the ‘Last Desert’, which looking at my past results I must be. But I know anything can happen out there in -30 degree temperatures and I would be a fool to think the race is in the bag before I have even started it. The ‘Last Desert’ is going to be an experience of a lifetime with some really harsh conditions but I can’t wait for the challenge.

My build up to the race has gone extremely well, with a great year of racing injury free.  For the last two months I have specifically focused on training for Antarctica. This has included a few runs in the Cape Union Maart Ice Chamber to test out my prototype gear designed by Salomon. It is really awesome to have the support of guys like Salomon (make me specially designed gear and shoes), Velocity Sports Lab (training facility in the process of being built with some specialist equipment to help improve my performance), Red Bull, Imazine, Oakley, Suunto and Hammer Nutrition.

My legs are starting to freshen up and I can feel a spring in them after a two week taper so I am hoping by the time we start the first stage they will be like coiled springs waiting to explode. I have got into the right headspace over the last few days and I am feeling really focused and excited about the challenge ahead. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to make the most of it!!

A massive thanks to everyone for your messages of support and encouragement leading up to the race!!

Thats all for now…