Meet the Elite

You Win Some You Lose Some


Goal: Going for silver (sub-7:30)
Result: 8:07:53

Start to 30km: I was very positive, felt strong and ran very comfortably.
30km to 60km: Still very positive and strong.
60km to finish: My legs were getting tired and I was running behind schedule. I then realized that I was not going to achieve my goal.

What was the hardest part of the race?
The hardest part was definitely from Pinetown… so many hills.

And the best part?
Definitely Harrison Flats. I was running very comfortably at that point and felt strong.

Were there times when you wanted to give up?

When did you realise that you were not going to achieve your goal?
In Kloof I was behind schedule and my legs were tired. I could not run any faster to bring my average pace down.

What factors lead to you not achieving your goal?
My legs were too tired after the 60km mark to try and keep a 5min/km pace.

How did you feel crossing the finish line?
Relieved! Although I was disappointed, I still had a strong sense of achievement.

How did you feel physically after the race?
Tired! The way one should feel after running 90km.

Were you disappointed?
No, not really. I think I was more disappointed last year when I missed the silver medal.

Did this discourage you for future races?
Not at all!

How long are you resting before training again?
I will take two weeks off.

Will you be back at Comrades in 2011?
You can bet on it!

Are you going to try for silver again?
No. Now I am just going to run to finish ten Comrades.

Is there anything you will be doing differently in your training for next year’s Comrades?
Yes. I will run more long distances slowly to condition
my legs.

What are your next short-term and long-term goals?
Short-term I want to enjoy the shorter distances, 10/15/21km, and long-term I will be back at Comrades 2011!