Wikus Weber

Playing in the Mud aQuelle Hermannsburg Mudman


Ideal weather conditions and an ideal venue, Hermannsburg School, with a large dam, miles of single track for mountain biking and perfect trails for running, contributed to the success of the 11th Hermannsburg Mudman off-road triathlon.

The full distance event consisted of either a 750m swim or 3.6km paddle, followed by 20km bike and 5km run sections. The half-distance event saw athletes participate in either a 375m swim or 1.8km paddle, then 10km bike and 2.5km run legs, while the Mudskipper for under-12s consisted of a 50m pool swim, 1-3km ride and 1km run. Athletes could enter individually or in teams of three.

Ryan Redman and Sarah Scott won the full swim event, while Murray Craib and Jean Hackland won in the full paddle section. In the half distance swim event, under-13 athlete, James Damant, won in style, while Craig Jarret claimed the paddle event.

The Mudman series is an event for all ages and levels of athletes, and the formative event is perfect for youngsters wishing to try multisport events. All athletes receive split times and can compare their performances to others’, and across the Mudman events. The school prize of R1 000 and aQuelle products for the most participants was shared by Hillcrest Primary and Wembley Primary.