The Softest Fabric For Your Toughest Workouts

UNDER ARMOUR launches  new ‘soft you can sweat in’ collection with built-in cutting-edge Meridian Tech

Under Armour South Africa continues to take performance innovation to the next level.  This week the brand launched it’s eagerly awaited new ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN’ collection featuring Meridian fabric, the ultimate quick-dry hybrid that lets you go hard without losing that super-soft feel.

The Meridian tech delivers on Under Amour’s promise to provide something you never knew you needed but can’t imagine living without. This specially engineered fabric delivers a unique type of softness that can still wick sweat like a champ.

When analysing consumer insights, Under Armour found that “soft” was one of the top attributes requested when consumers researched performance gear. Under Armour took this insight to heart and through numerous rounds of research and development, designed their softest performance gear to date. Under Armour  Meridian has been made specifically with comfort and versatility in mind. The impressive collection is ideal to wear to any fitness class, from spin to yoga to pilates but is also so flexible, lightweight and soft, that you won’t want to take them off once you get home.

“The Under Armour Meridien legging is absolutely phenomenal. Moving in them feels like they weren’t even there. Even while sweating, they still just felt really comfortable.”, says Rachel Garcia, Pro Softball Player.



The ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN’ collection’s notable promises include:


Under Armour brushed the surface of the fabric to an ultra-soft finish for our softest feel yet.


Wicks sweat and stays comfortable, especially in those high-friction zones.


Super-breathable, lightweight stretch goes everywhere you do.

The ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN’ collection also features the new UA Smartform Evolution Bra. The new ‘must have’ bra delivers strategic support, tailored for medium-support activities like cycling, weight training & boxing. Bending, jumping, and squatting can make your clothing shift or slip as you move, The UA Smartform fabric can help your clothes adapt to your movement moulding to the shape of your body which may help keep them from slipping or shifting during workouts.

The new ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN collection will be available at Under Armour Brand House stores nationwide as well as online.