Win a pair of UA HOVR Machina 2!

9 Sep 2021 — INTRODUCING THE NEW, FUTURE FORWARD UA HOVR™ MACHINA 2 Under Armour in South Africa, recently introduced its new, high tech UA HOVR™ Machina 2 in South Africa.  Following the success of the original UA HOVR™ Machina launched in 2020, the new and improv …… read more

Making her Daughter Proud

7 Sep 2021 — No matter what life has thrown at Natascha van Zyl, she has found a way to keep going. In the last 13 years she has lost her mother, was diagnosed with cancer, got divorced, lost her father, lost her brother and then lost her young daughter as well, bu …… read more

No Holding Her Back

7 Sep 2021 — When Harriet Kruger was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to fight it with her running shoes firmly laced up, no matter how slowly she was moving. That saw her take on the recent Pondo Coaster Trail Run, and then she did something she wasn’t su …… read more

Running for Mental-Aweh-ness

7 Sep 2021 — Joburg runner Henry Cock is well on his way to running 133 half marathons on consecutive days in the Mentally Aweh Challenge. He will cover just over 2800km as he makes his way around the South African coastline, from Mozambique to Namibia, and he’s do …… read more

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The Magic of the Enduring Mile

24 Aug 2021 — Under Armour launches the UA All Out Mile Campaign in South Africa No running distance or field event has the historic and enduring appeal as the Mile. The Mile, much like the 100 meters and the marathon is still widely considered as one of the most ic …… read more

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Last Week to Take it Forward!

23 Aug 2021 — It’s the last week that you can join thousands of others worldwide by joining the Take It Forward challenge in the adidas Running app! A lot of you will be well on the way to reaching your 30km target. But those just starting you can see the running pr …… read more

Call of the mountains

16 Aug 2021 — In May, South African mountaineer Remy Kloos was seemingly within touching distance of the summit of Mount Everest, when she was forced to abandon. Although greatly disappointed, she has moved the end date of her ultimate goal, and in the meantime will …… read more

Trail (mis) adventuring!

16 Aug 2021 — There’s no good time to experience a Trail MisAdventure (my speciality), but the one time you really do not want one is when you are running through a ‘Big 5’ nature reserve, and find yourself alone with a hungry lion, or being chased by an angry eleph …… read more

Running there… And back again!

16 Aug 2021 — These are strange times to be a road runner, and there are some really interesting running challenges being dreamt up, like the recent Cape to Mossel Bay Virtual Challenge. At just under 400km, it was already one of the longest virtual races on the cal …… read more

“Free” Foods You Should Buy!

16 Aug 2021 — You aren’t even hungry, but you just have to munch on something! Mindless eating, some would say. This is one of the most common reasons why people ‘fall off’ their diet… snacking without thinking. – By Jo Hill… read more

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