2020 MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon Cancelled

2 Jun 2020 — The MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon has been officially cancelled. The event, which was initially scheduled to take place in Centurion on May 1, will not be held at all this year, to assure the safety of the running community. Race Director, Francois Jord …… read more


24 Mar 2020 — Finding Solace on the Trails Only two people have earned national colours in both cycling and running. One is Graeme McCullum, the other is Jock Green, a man who went from the ultra-competitive world of international road cycling to the solitude of the …… read more

Catch Up with Vaylen Kirtley SABC Anchor Woman

24 Mar 2020 — Vaylen Kirtley, anchor presenter of the SABC broadcasts of events such as the Comrades, Two Oceans, Cape Town and Soweto Marathons.… read more

Race Status Update by Province

17 Mar 2020 — With the South African Government declaring COVID-19 a national disaster and putting strict interventions in place meaning no mass gatherings of more than 100 people till the 15th April a lot of running, triathlons and cycling events have been affected …… read more

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Event Update!
Jacaranda FM & Tracker’s Off The Beat’n Track Postponed After Coronavirus Outbreak Declared National Disaster

17 Mar 2020 — With the South African Government declaring COVID-19 a national disaster and putting strict interventions in place on 15 March 2020, Jacaranda FM and Tracker have moved to postpone Off the Beat ‘n Track 2020 – Gauteng’s favourite family fun day of moun …… read more

Boost your body with IV vitamin therapy at The IV Bar

3 Mar 2020 — Our Medically safe vitamin lounge offers a range of health, wellness and restorative solutions Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy has moved out of the hospital and into the mainstream with The IV Bar, a medically supervised intravenous vitamin therapy lo …… read more

Life is all about balance

20 Feb 2020 — OsteoEze® is excited to introduce the newest member of its product line OsteoEze® Alkaline Powder to help give us back what our everyday lives take from us. Stress, smoking, caffeine and poor eating can interfere with our acid/alkaline balance and caus …… read more

2020 SPAR Grand Prix Likely to be Closest on Record

19 Feb 2020 — Closest Series Yet! The 2020 SPAR Grand Prix appears likely to be one of the closest in its 14-year history. The SPAR Grand Prix, which is one of the most important contests in South African road running, recognises the most successful athlete in the s …… read more

PJ’s piece — Share Your Truth

14 Dec 2019 — Running is easy for PJ Moses, talking not so much. He’s had trouble speaking since he was four years old, and stuttering has been a tough thing for someone like him, who often has a lot to say… When I was young and I found it difficult to communicate …… read more

Sport Man Says – What’s the Dope?

12 Dec 2019 — How often have we said, “Wow, what an unbelievable performance!” after an athlete puts in a jaw-dropping performance? The problem is, can we trust that performance? Unfortunately, history points to the need for healthy scepticism, and it is the role of …… read more

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