Beat Your Winter Sinus Problem Naturally!


Are your morning runs a drippy affair, and do you keep tissues in every pocket to cope? Does that crisp morning air burn your nasal passages, bringing tears to your eyes? One thing we can all agree on is that this is not the way you should be starting your training session!

Good news is that help is at hand: Allerguard™ is a nasal spray containing all natural ingredients which will make those morning sessions a dream for your nose1!

But first, what causes this unpleasantness, and how is Allerguard™ going to help you? Most often these reactions are caused by an allergic reaction to something in the air2. When an allergen lands in the nasal passage of someone who is sensitive to it, it triggers a chain reaction that releases chemicals such as histamine into the tissue of the nasal passage, causing it to swell, itch and produce excess mucus2. This results in uncomfortable symptoms such as a blocked or runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing and watery eyes2.

Allerguard™ Allergy Nasal Spray is specifically designed to protect your nose against airborne allergens. It contains Ectoin®, which forms a calming barrier1 against airborne allergens, and a natural sea salt solution that cleans out the nose3. Together, these elements enable your body to create a natural barrier protecting your sinuses and preventing a burning nose and crying eyes1!

Ectoin® forms a calming barrier1

The best thing about Allerguard™ is that you can use it every day1! In fact, it can be used several times per day, is preservative-free, and is suitable for use in children and people with sensitive noses1. You don't need a script, and Allerguard™ is available at all leading pharmacies!

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Proprietary name (and dosage form): Allerguard Allergy Nasal Spray. Name and business address of applicant: iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No.: 1952/001640/07. 15E Riley Road, Bedfordview. Tel. No. 011 087 0000. For full prescribing information, refer to the package insert approved by the MCC (Medicines Control Council). Further information is available on request from iNova Pharmaceuticals. IN2829/18.