The Comrades Marathon Start


This time in four weeks it will all be over. The 2014 Comrades Marathon will be history. The dust will have settled and the aches and pains will really have set in the morning after. For the most part there will be massive satisfaction in having achieved something extraordinary.

Even though it is a long day, Comrades Marathon race day is one of small margins. Small wins throughout the day helps build confidence and allows you to claim your much deserved medal. On the flip side, small losses throughout the day can have a massive impact on your run.

On the next three editions of the Ask Coach Parry podcast, Lindsey Parry looks at Comrades race day and what you can do to maximise those small wins and limit the losses. In part one he looks at the start of the Comrades Marathon down run and a couple of the very important things to take note of when starting in Pietermaritzburg. Even though you may not suffer any losses from a time perspective before the start gun fires, ensuring that you have a smooth, stress free journey to the start line sets you up in the best possible way for success on race day.

Have a listen to Lindsey below and be sure to pop back tomorrow and Wednesday for parts two and three of this series where Lindsey will talk you through the first and then the second half of the 2014 Comrades Marathon down run.