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Tried and Tested


Hi-Tec Luca

first thing myself and the guys in the office said was “Wow, they are so light!”
They weigh in at just 210 grams – so light it feels like you’re barefoot, but
the super-flexible IMEVA midsole rubber still provides great cushioning. Now,
even after running in racers for the last year or so, I was not still sure what
to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. After five kays, I looked down and
realised that I was actually in a different, brand new pair of shoes. They just
felt so comfortable, with no problems just jumping into a pair and kicking off!
van der Westhuizen

GET THEM: R399 at Hi-Tec stores in CT (Kenilworth, Kuils River & Montague Gardens), Johannesburg (Kya Sands) and Pretoria (Kolonnade) or via (021 606 6900 for more info)


Injinji Performance
2.0 Run Toe Socks

will be the first to admit that I have soft, sensitive feet, so my toes have
never quite gotten used to running in Vibram’s Five Fingers barefoot technology
shoes, because they just can’t seem to get used to the feeling of rubber,
leather and seams between them. Also, I am not used to running without socks,
which is necessary with Vibrams, since none of my socks ‘fit’ into the five-toe
design… but now, thanks to these Injinji socks, I can now run in my Vibrams
without my toes kicking up a fuss. They have the same five-toe design, thus keeping
my toes happy and also allowing my feet to glide into the snug-fitting Vibrams
a lot more smoothly and comfortably. Sean Falconer

THEM: From
R110 to R180 (depending
on style) at Sportsmans Warehouse, Drifters and Athletes Foot.


My02 Therapeutic Gel

Most of us know about the
anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica oil or gel, extracted from the root of
the arnica plant, but I have to be honest, I had to Google horse chestnut to
find out what it is when I read that it is the other active ingredient of this
new therapeutic gel. Like arnica, it is a plant extract, but what caught my
attention is that horse chestnut contains Escin, which opens up the capillaries
(smallest blood vessels), allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach sore or
damaged muscles and ligaments. Well, since my knee was giving me grief, I knew
exactly where I would be testing this new gel… It smells great (minty), is cool
on the skin, and requires a bit of ‘elbow grease’ to rub in fully, which means
you’re massaging the sore area thoroughly in the process, further promoting
quicker healing. Works for me.
Sean Falconer

IT: R122.50 for a 150ml tube, from leading pharmacies (or ask for a stockist
nearby at


Second Skins Activskins Sun Protection
Long-sleeve Crew Neck Top

Second Skins is a
Cape-based company specialising in sports clothing and gear, from running and
cycling to swimming. Also in the range are various UV-resistant sun-protection
items which form part of the company’s ‘Keep You Cool’ range, and I tested out
this long-sleeve top. It’s super lightweight and body-hugging, so very
comfortable to run in, plus I could literally feel the cooling effect, even
when out in the sun. Naturally, the white colour also reflected much of the
heat and UV rays, and I found the top to be quick-drying and great at
moisture-wicking. Best of all, no chafe under my arms, despite my first
thoughts about the seam being a bit thick. – Sean Falconer

GET IT: R249 at selected retailers
nationwide, or online at