The Need for Speed

Keep it Cool!


Ice has long been used with great success
to reduce inflammation, pain and bruising, but it can be messy, uncomfortable
and awkward to apply – and you can get ‘ice-burn’ if the ice is left on too
long. A much better idea is a Physicool bandage, which cools more effectively
than ice and has the added benefit of compression and support as well.


The natural cotton bandage contains a
coolant that draws out heat, rather than driving cold in, instantly treating
inflammation and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The bandage has a
long-lasting cooling effect, even after it has been removed, and it’s comfy and convenient to use –
no refrigeration required, no risk of ice-burn, and the adjustable strap makes
it easy to apply in seconds. Once used, or when dry, simply refresh with a
squirt of the coolant spray and store in its re-sealable pouch, ready for the
next use. This re-usable cooling bandage is therefore a must-have item for
everyone’s first aid kit.


Used with success
by athletes to treat sprains and other injuries, helping to speed recovery, it
is also being used by people with arthritis and has received high praise in the
medical field, such as from orthopaedic surgeon Simon Garrett, who has been
using Physicool on patients
following knee replacement surgery. “We found that post-op, after day one,
patient pain scores were much reduced and in the first 48 hours it made a dramatic difference.”


Physicool re-usable
bandages and coolant spray and are available from Dis-Chem stores:

Physicool bandage size A (for wrists,
knees and ankles) – R112.95

Physicool bandage size B (for elbows,
thighs and shoulders) – R139.95

Physicool Combo pack (size A bandage
plus 150ml coolant) – R168.95

Physicool 500ml coolant spray – R199.95


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