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Core and Water


Essential Core

I’ve heard that runners need a strong core, but am not
entirely sure how one goes about doing core strengthening, because I’ve also
heard that it’s not just about the six-pack muscles. – Sue, Bellville



Your core muscles provide stability, even in static
positions such as standing or sitting, and as a runner they are even more
important, providing posture, stability and balance. Therefore, lack of core
development often leads to a predisposition to slouch when sitting, and leaves
you susceptible to lower back pain and muscle injuries. Examples of good core
exercises include bridging, planks and exercises involving balance and
coordination. You can increase the intensity level by using gym balls or
resistance bands.


Athlete Expert


Toni is a
physiotherapist in Edenvale, Johannesburg. Has finished 21 Comrades, four
Ironmans and two New York Marathons, plus various cycling and canoeing events.

As a beginner runner, I am bit overwhelmed by all the fancy products on
the market when it comes to good old water. Is it OK to just drink tap water
before, during and after a run?”  – John,



professionals recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day,
because water that contains natural minerals and trace elements plays a vital
role in our health, helping to:

flush our system of toxins,

reduce heart attack risk,

reduce risk of disease and infection,

keep us regular,

promote healthy skin,

regulate body temperature,

cushion and lubricate joints and muscles,

improve recovery time,

and keep the body energised and alert.


the reality is that tap water quality often leaves a lot to be desired, as much
of the essential goodness has been removed due to chemical treatment or reverse
osmosis (filtration with carbon filters) to remove harmful substances. Thus tap
water is often a chemical concoction that looks and tastes refreshing, and
promises good health, but in fact is the complete opposite. Therefore, I
recommend that you look for purified water products that contain the essential
trace elements that your body needs, notably sodium, potassium, calcium and


Athlete Expert


Robyn is a
biokineticist and entrepreneur, and has been the owner of Body & Soul
Wellness since 1994. Her goal in life is to return water to its original state
of purity and nourishment.