Beat the Brrrrrr!

All in the Genes


It’s really
quite simple: We’re all ‘made’ differently. As Ian Craig, an exercise
physiologist and nutritional therapist who has helped DNAlysis Biotechnology
develop and pilot DNA Fit, puts it, “We all respond differently and what works
for one person won’t necessarily work for another. For example, some rapidly
attain fitness in a few cardio sessions, burn fat and improve cardio-respiratory
levels, while others, following the same cardio routine, are still huffing and
puffing months later, with little to show for it.”


And that’s
where DNA Fit comes into play, says Daniel Meyersfeld, founder of DNAlysis
Biotechnology. “Using DNA Fit, one can personalise your diet and exercise
programme, because we test if you are a power or endurance athlete, and how
quick you can recover, and then from this, how you should train and what
nutrition to prioritise.” And all it takes is quick, simple, painless check
swab for Ian and Daniel to take my DNA and check my genetic make-up.



Now I know I’m no Usain Bolt, nor an Elena Nurgalieva – and my DNA confirms it. When I was in
primary school, I competed in the sprints and could hold my own, but as I
became older, I knew I just wasn’t built for the dash. I also felt nauseous
when someone mentioned cross-country laps… so I found my place on the hockey
field, the cricket pitch and the tennis court, and felt like I was made for that.
Now, looking at power and endurance, my DNA Fit test results prove that my
sporting choices were right.


My results confirm that I’m a mixed athlete, having
both endurance and power traits, but my physiology says I’ll be able to do
power and endurance events without excelling at either. (Oh well, there go my
Rio 2016 Olympic dreams.) Ian therefore recommends moderate training sessions,
and says sticking to hockey and tennis makes sense. The test also covers
recovery and tendon pathology, giving one info on inflammatory markers,
recovery time between sessions and what food to avoid and take in. My results
show that I am prone to soft tissue injury and slow recovery time after
exercise, so Ian is able to give me further advice and recommendations: Do weight
training, yoga, sprinting, speed work and skipping.



So, with a recommended training programme as well as
guidelines for lifestyle changes, it seems I could make the most of my genes, perfect
my tennis serve and get to Wimbledon. OK, perhaps not all the way to Wimbledon…
but using DNA Fit, athletes can alter their whole set-up to benefit their performance.
Based on test results, DNAlysis Biotechnology can put together teams of practitioners
to work together to give an athlete the whole package, from personal trainers
to dieticians, who will all know what works for you, without the need for guesswork,
nor trial and error.


“The test becomes an interaction between a network of
practitioners for one athlete,” explains Daniel, “and we can work out
everything from recovery time, sleep patterns and if the athlete needs to take
want to educate people about their body so they can enhance their performance,
from first-timers at gym to the pro athlete.”

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