My First Comrades

A Watch for Ambitious Athletes


The Ambit offers a
full suite of running tools, including GPS, sports computer, three-dimensional
compass, barometric altimeter, plus optional heart rate belt, and
can be uploaded to, Suunto’s online training
community and support base,
for analysis,
discussion and planning. Ambit owners can also upgrade their watches with
downloadable software updates and new features through the site, and still
better, you are
able to personalise the displays of your watch.



The Ambit uses an integrated accelerometer along
with the GPS to track your performance in terms of speed and distance – the accelerometer
helps to improve accuracy – and y
ou can programme in waypoints for navigation as well as
check your location.
Thanks to the barometric
altimeter, the watch provides data on your altitude and climbing speed, and the
barometer can even give you insight into changing weather conditions.


When using the (optional extra) heart rate belt,
Suunto’s Peak Training Effect programmable heart rate-based training tool helps
to keep you within your optimal training rates, while the Recovery Time
function tells you when you’ve fully recovered and are ready for your next



Like most GPS watches with built in
antennae, the Ambit is a fairly big unit, but it is one of the more attractive
offerings on the market, thanks to its round face and dress watch-like
appearance. It is remarkably lightweight in spite of its size. Great news is
that it offers
50 hours of battery life
in full GPS mode, which makes it a pleasure to work with – even though it is
easy to charge with a USB cable plugged into your PC, it is great that you only
have to do so now and again! The watch is also built robustly, with
resistance up to 100m, so it can really be put it through its outdoor paces.


Recommended Retail Price: R5 299 without heart
rate belt; R5 799 with heart rate belt.

Available: In black and silver, at
selected outdoor and sporting retailers, including Cape Union Mart, Sportsmans
Warehouse, Due South and various independents.

More info: Tel 011 796 8960,,