25 Medals for SA Paralympians

Non-talking Newby


I’m in training for the Two Oceans Half Marathon, which will be my first 21km. The training is on track, been running every day, very proud of myself. I’m doing hills every bloody day, no other choice since I live in a hilly area! But the other day, as I forced myself panting and sweating up a hill near my house, a dude in his 60s calmly ran past me on the other side of the road as if he was strolling through a garden picking daisies. I looked up at him underneath my cap, sweat blinding my vision and my breath coming in ragged gasps, and tried to foster a smile. He smiled back easily and then – oh, the horror – started TALKING to me in mid-stride! I managed to gasp out two sentences before grimacing and shakily waving a goodbye. I rounded the corner and sang praises to heaven as I saw my shiny black entrance gate up ahead. Man, jogging is tough!!! – Lean? Du Plessis, Centurion


Yes, everyone thinks their spouse is someone special, but in this case I am sure you will agree with me – which is why I have to share this with you. This is a picture of Penny Visser, finishing the Dischem Half Marathon in Bedfordview, and it says it all. At the age of 64, following 30 years of competitive road running, she is a wonderful example of the great benefits of exercising through road running.

She has 24 Comrades marathons behind her name, half of them under nine hours, and has never run over 10 hours. On top of that, she was twice SA grandmaster female marathon champion, has an amazing running CV, and I believe she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. You cannot blame me for wanting to show her off! – Scott Visser


Well, that was fun doing my first ever run of 10km. Loads to say, but a quick summary: Get there early to avoid queue and confusion. Bring along two blondes in tights. Find a bar close to start, do multiple rounds of Jaeger Bombs. Remember to start the run. Try find a rhythm, do not get mesmerised by loads of women in tights. Beware park benches. Make sure the goddess you’re following is part of the run and not carrying mace. Enjoy the scenery – geez, Cape Town is stunning. Even after mace…

Don’t get confused by the lines of people at the end. Take your number and keep moving, don’t try get the real hot girl’s phone number just because she smiled at you. Can Klippies please help out at the Coke stand? Take your medal, they’re all the same, and no, you don’t get a gold one for running the last 8km with swollen mace eyes.

One of my best ever 54 minutes. OK, there was this one time when I met the Dutch u23 women’s hockey team, but another time for that story. Have already signed the blondes into doing a 3km relay, but they have changed the rules a little. Everyone downs a Jaeger then passes the baton. Sounds good! Took a look at the XTERRA for July in Knysna. Thank goodness no swim leg. The running bug has bitten! – Matthew Zoutendyk, Durbanville