Knee Pain is dragging Me Down

Supplements and Multivitamins


I am supporting one of our development runners. He has an A seeding for Comrades and I believe he has huge potential. I would like to get him a supplement/multivitamin. I don’t think his normal diet is nutritious enough given his financial status. What do you recommend?  – LUCY KEWLEY, KLOOF, KZN

In terms of a general multivitamin I would suggest going with reputable company brands such as Pharmaton, DS 24, Bonvit or All Vit +M (by Georen), Centrum or the Solgar multivitamins for example.

One multivitamin that I really like is Ultra Guard Forte from Sportron, but it can become pricey. I would recommend supplementing with a nutritious meal replacement shake/porridge. I-Vuma or Nestle Nutren Active, for example, are meal shakes that contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and macronutrients to fully sustain our diets if they were the only source of food we could tolerate.

Modern Athlete Expert
Dietician at Sunninghill Medical Centre, Johannesburg. Member of Morningside Country Club with eight years running experience, including three finishes in the Two Oceans Marathon.