Running Injuries

Readers’ Comments


I found your “newspaper” very interesting, so did my wife. She isn’t even a runner! Thank you for publishing such quality!
Eric Parker


I recently picked up a copy of the Modern Athlete magazine from Top Events in Cape Town. I really enjoyed reading a magazine that is written by fellow athletes, great magazine. Please could you tell me how I can obtain this magazine when it is published in future?
Many thanks


Dear Modern Athlete,
Congratulations on the magazine, the second copy I got from the club and have really enjoyed reading it. It is local and has very useful info in it. July issue on Filipe was very inspirational to me; I’ve also got fat and have not done much in the last two years. My goal is to run Comrades next year. Keep it up and thanks again
Ian Lotter


I picked up the inaugural edition at the Comrades Expo in Durban, and was already hooked! I’ve just finished reading the 2nd edition, and do hope you can keep this up. It’s so nice to read a LOCAL running magazine with interesting and LOCAL news and articles. Keep up the good work, I only hear good things from other runners!
Chris Little


Dear Mike
Congratulations on the launch of your new publication, just what we need. This publication gives stories on South African runners by South Africans for South Africans. I wish you great success for the future, viva ‘Modern Athlete” viva.
Brian Gould


Dear Mike
I received your interesting Mag in my 702/Discovery goodie bag last week. I was very motivated by the article about Filipe De Lomba. Mike, I am interested in joining a running Club in my area.
Thank You


Hi Mike
Trust you are well. Picked up your July issue last night. Good read again and lump in the throat stuff over
Wayne’s Comrades fi nish story. Keep up the good work.


Hi Mike
I got your third edition of the Modern Athlete at the Vodacom race yesterday and must say it seems you are onto a great thing here! Please keep it up!
Kind regards,
Marc?l Viljoen