So Much Training, So Little Time


Your first edition has been truly encouraging, to the extent that I am now determined to do the Two Oceans and the Comrades next year. Next year’s Two Oceans is on 3 April and Comrades is on 30 May. There are eight weeks between them. I am a new runner and I have read that I will have to get a week or two of rest after I do my first Two Oceans. Will I still be able to get ready for Comrades? My aim is not to go for a specific time but just to enjoy the races and fi nish before the cut-off.
* Danie

Thanks for the interesting question, the answer to which will affect many runners. Simply put, yes, you can run Two Oceans and Comrades eight weeks apart. However, it is essential to bear in mind that Two Oceans must form part of your training programme for Comrades. Your programme must take into account the cutback before Two Oceans, a rest afterwards, a few more big weeks and then a taper before Comrades. One of my absolute key elements of a good Comrades training programme is that you should do five runs over 50km. In this case, Two Oceans would be one of the fi ve and as you have suggested, should be taken easily. If you see Two Oceans as a stepping stone to Comrades, I’m sure you’ll enjoy both. Enjoy and good luck.


Barry Holland

37 Comrades and 22 silvers

Barry is a running veteran. He has been hitting the roads for the better part of 37 years and is the perfect person to dispense advice to enthusiasts of the sport.