Running To Coffee – Pretoria Edition

Uniting Passion for Running and Community: The Story of  Running To Coffee

Hey, fellow runners and enthusiasts! My name is Amish Kooverjee, and I’m thrilled to share the journey of Running To Coffee.. What began as a simple desire to blend my love for running with social interaction has blossomed into a vibrant community that celebrates health, friendship, and of course, coffee.

From Solo Runs to Social Club

At 23, fresh from studying sports science and now pursuing my honors in Biokinetics, I felt a void after stepping away from team sports. Seeking a way to fill that gap, I invited friends to join me for runs, followed by coffee, in Pretoria. Little did I know, this casual gathering would evolve into something much larger.

With my partner Paul Scrutton, we co-founded the Running to Coffee group, catering to young individuals eager to lace up and hit the pavement. Our group caters to everyone, from casual joggers to seasoned marathoners, providing a platform to challenge oneself while forging connections with like-minded souls.

Growing Together, One Stride at a Time

What started as a modest weekly gathering has burgeoned into Pretoria’s largest social running club. Thanks to the power of social media – particularly our WhatsApp group and Instagram page – our reach extended beyond Pretoria’s borders, attracting sponsors and runners from other cities.

Our diverse membership, comprising mostly young working adults and students aged 19 to 27, reflects the inclusive spirit of our club. We convene three times a week – Wednesday evenings, Friday mornings, and Sundays – offering ample opportunities for our members to bond over their shared love for running.

More Than Just a Run

The club is not only about running but also about creating a safe and enjoyable community. Running in a group is especially appealing as it offers safety and fun, which is essential in our country. We have a simple setup where people just show up and run, supported by a team of different individuals who help us by using their hobbies,  for example one of the guys that run with us, Liam Burgess, takes photos just for fun and they come out incredibly. This has helped us grow significantly through social media.

I started this club to change the perception of running and make it cool, particularly among people our age group. It’s about balancing social life with physical activity and offering a fun alternative to nights out all the time. It’s also just such a great and different way to meet people. 

Our activities extend beyond mere running; they include music, themed runs, and occasional social events. Through creative initiatives and the magic of social media, we’re redefining running as a cool, social endeavor that strikes the perfect balance between fitness and fun.

Embracing Community, Embracing Growth

For me, Running to Coffee transcends a mere hobby; it’s a passion project that has enriched my life and those of our members. It’s a testament to the power of community and the willingness of individuals to leverage their talents for collective growth.

I urge young people to step out of their comfort zones and channel their skills into meaningful pursuits.

Join Us on the Run

If you’re intrigued by our story and eager to lace up your running shoes, we invite you to connect with us on social media. Simply follow the link in our bio to join our WhatsApp community, where we share details of upcoming runs and events.

Our weekly schedule typically includes:

Wednesday: 17:00 from LC Sports Campus or Hoka

Friday: 6:00 (10km) and 6:30 (5km) from JOYN Coffee

Additional run days are announced via our WhatsApp Community Chat, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to join us on the road.

Embrace the Journey

In closing, Running To Coffee  is more than just a running club; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates health, friendship, and the simple pleasure of a post-run coffee. We invite you to join us on this journey, where every stride brings us closer together. See you on the road!