Life is all about balance

OsteoEze® is excited to introduce the newest member of its product line OsteoEze® Alkaline Powder to help give us back what our everyday lives take from us. Stress, smoking, caffeine and poor eating can interfere with our acid/alkaline balance and cause a strain on our bodies, triggering symptoms such as muscle spasms, constipation, heartburn, fatigue, burning urine, sore joints and headaches. It is also beneficial in managing the symptoms associated with Gout.

“Our daily lives can be extremely stressful especially when it comes to keeping a work/life balance,” says Odette Vass, brand manager for OsteoEze®. “Making sure that we are eating correctly, exercising the right amount, and handling stress accordingly is almost impossible, which is why we need a little help to keep our bodies well-balanced.”

The formula is high in potassium, has the correct ratio of calcium to magnesium and is sodium-free. OsteoEze® Alkaline Powder gives back to the body the correct minerals it needs to compensate for an insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables and counters the acidifying effect of proteins, cereals, sugar and other sugar forming foods.

“Keeping our bodies in check is even more important nowadays with the growing negative impact our stressful lives have on us,” says Vass. “Using a supplement which is quick and easy to take, gives us an edge when it comes to keeping our bodies in good condition without giving it too much thought.”