06 Jan, 2014

Tried & Tested January 2014

Tried & Tested January 2014


With January comes a resolution to get healthy and stay healthy, but some of us need a bit of help to do that, and I turned to FUTURELIFE’s new ZERO, SA’s first and only smart food formulated with no added cane sugar. Being low GI means that you stay fuller for longer and energy will be released to your muscles more slowly throughout your day. It’s also high in protein, contains only 1.5g of fat per serving, and contain 25 vitamins and minerals and 19 amino acids. Apart from grabbing a bowl each morning, FUTURELIFE ZERO is mainly formulated as a drink with which you can make great shakes or smoothies – I visited for some cool smoothie recipes that I’m trying out, although I am rather stuck on my favourite, the apple, honey and hazelnut combo! – Lauren Van Der Vyver

GET IT: R39.99 at Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Clicks, Checkers and Spar.



Tom-Tom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

Finally, a GPS watch that you can wear to the pub afterwards! I recently tested the TomTom watch whilst down in PE, and the first thing that struck me was the sleek design and lightweight feel. After getting used to the innovative one-touch buttons cleverly placed away from the screen, it was G for Go. The watch performed well, giving all the data you would expect. Like any new product, navigating the screens takes a little getting used to, but I found the display easy to read. The watch comes standard with cycling and swimming capabilities as well as indoor functionality for pools and treadmills. What really appealed to me was being able to wear the watch after training and not having to plug it in and leave it there until the next workout. Look out for the app coming soon that will enable pairing of the watch directly to your smart phone. – Craig Van Der Westhuizen

GET IT: R2899 at



Just Popcorn

It can be hard to find a guilt-free enjoyable snack, especially when January has you looking for healthier eating options to go with those New Year’s running resolutions, but Just Popcorn is a great option. Endorsed by the GI Foundation and Diabetes South Africa as a lower fat, Low-GI product, this tasty treat assists in managing irregular blood sugar spikes and sustains energy levels throughout your day. In other words, it’s a healthy, energy-boosting snack, and offers great flavour – I love the sour cream and chives, but also enjoyed the butter or salt and vinegar. There are also cheese, fruit chutney, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and Mexican chilli flavours, and a new range of sweet flavours will be launched in 2014. – Sean Falconer

GET IT: R7 for 100g and R6 for 65g at Food Lover’s Market, Spar & 7/11 in Western Cape, Southern Cape, KZN and Gauteng



Wintergreen Muscle Soak Granules

A hot bath can do wonders after a hard run, but add Wintergreen Muscle Soak Granules and you get the added benefit a muscle-relaxing mix that will help stave off cramping muscles when you hit the big mileage in January! With a combination of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt), mustard powder, oil of camphor and eucalyptus oil, the granules target your central nervous system, dialling down tension in your neuro-muscular system. I found that using the granules the night before a run meant I soaked in cramp-blocking sulphates that calmed my nerves and also ensured a good night’s sleep, and then afterwards I could unwind a bit with another soak. – Lauren Van Der Vyver

GET IT: R54.99 at selected Alpha Pharmacies, Cycle Labs & sports stores. More info: or