01 Aug, 2013

Roxy’s Runs

Roxy’s Runs

I ran before I was pregnant and while I was pregnant, so it was obvious that I was going to run quite soon after my pregnancy,although with quite a difference.Because now, instead of Baby Roxy listening to the beat of my footsteps while tucked safely in my tummy, she is tucked into her own chariot making encouraging noises with mom sweating away!



Running with your baby in her own set of racing wheels is one of the best gifts you can give your child and yourself. While it holds great physical and emotional benefits for you and babba, it also means there are no excuses for any new parent not to exercise.


I always knew running would become part of Roxy’s world from a very young age, so just before she hit the six-month mark we bought her an early Christmas present, her own chariot. Choosing one wasn’t an easy task, but we eventually settled on a Baby Jogger.


Roxy was strapped in the very next day, initially for a gentle walk but very soon for a light trot and eventually for 10km runs! And she absolutely loves it. The first few kays start out with Roxy’s very encouraging noises to mom and then lots of babbling to the trees and flowers, but from the 5th kilometer,with the all familiar beat of my footsteps in the background, she falls sound asleep.



For me, the greatest benefit is the time spent with Roxy. When the two of us go for our run, it is not about listening to my Ipod, walking the dogs, training for a race, running at a time trial pace or concentrating on hills. The time spent is purely about Roxy and I. It is about introducing her to something her mom loves and at the same time exposing her to a sporting lifestyle form a young age.



Running with a baby jogger is definitely more challenging that running alone and I’ve realized it definitely adds to my fitness. You burn more kilojoules with baby in tow thanks to the added weight you are pushing while it also helps strengthen core and upper body.


I have now included some “Roxy Runs” into my weekly training schedule for my two 2013 goals: Two Oceans and Comrades. It is not replacing my quality sessions or my long runs, but it certainly is making me physically stronger - and more importantly allowing me some special time with my baby girl.


So no matter who you are, be it a regular runner of even just someone who wants to maintain a fitness level, take to the roads…with baby!