30 Jan, 2014

On Air, On the Go

On Air, On the Go

Every morning, Sam gets up at 4:30am to co-host 94.7 Highveld Stereo’s ‘The Breakfast Xpress’ as well as filling in on 702 Talk Radio. After her busy mornings, which include being mom to Christopher (9) and Genevieve (6), she fits in ‘Sam time’ while juggling afternoon meetings, swims and yoga classes. For the past 17 years she’s been a part of the Highveld breakfast show and feels blessed to be where she is in her career. “I’ve always wanted to be in radio and I will until I can’t breathe!” she says.



While Sam’s schedule is full of school projects for her kids or writing her next book, she makes sure to find time for herself. “If I don’t get in my six hours of exercise a week, I get edgy!” says Sam, who makes sure she carries her yoga mat, swim gear and change of clothes everywhere she goes. “I will find minutes in my day, but it is hard to find that balance.”


A few years ago she weighed in at 102kg, but she lost a lot of weight after the arrival of her daughter, having decided that she couldn’t get into the right mindset to do it if she didn’t have a goal to aim for. “I knew I had to start training for something, and while I had completed a tandem 94.7 cycle at that stage, I marked the Midmar Mile as my goal. So I started training and eating properly, and now I have more energy and I’ve become a better role-model for my children.” Since then she has completed several solo 94.7 cycles, and ran her first half marathon at the Old Mutual Two Oceans last year. She also swims three times a week, and attends three yoga classes a week.


Sam is now planning to run her first marathon by the end of this year. “Its empowering knowing you can complete a challenge,” says Sam, who has also vowed to run the Berlin and Florence Marathon one day, as well as compete in a 76km swim over a few days in Arizona. “It’s a fantasy for me – just like the one girls have about being a princess – to travel and do these races. I love the bullet-proof feeling after a challenge, and I want to make it about travelling and experiencing.”

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