Meet our Hope Movers!

For our 2021 event we launched a challenge where churches, businesses, schools and even running clubs could challenge other organisations like them. The Challenge has been incredibly successful in both widening our reach and getting more people involved in this year’s movement to get us closer to our goal of 4000 participants.

Who Challenged Who

Community Organisations Challenge

Basileia Patria
Dare to Give!


Dare to Love

Basileia Patria is a registered NPC with NPO status.Established in Centurion, they endeavor to uplift the Centurion Community especially amongst our destitute communities and needy people. Because they ‘dare to give,’ they work to serve, and become involved in current community activities such as the Run & Cycle for Bibles by drawing their partners and beneficiaries in to enter. They believe fully that it is better to give than to receive.

Dare To Love is a love movement, demonstrating true transforming love by going out and touching people’s lives in a practical, life changing way. The movement is not affiliated with a specific Church denomination or group, and we encourage all to join and gain momentum in serving others. People of all ages are welcome and we believe in giving everyone an oppor-tunity to serve in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Churches Challenge

Outlook Church Richards Bay


Kerk Sonder Mure

Outlook Church Richards Bay was one of our biggest entrants last year with over 100 participants. Before we even launched the Hope Movers they had already contacted us to enter 100 of their congregation again!

Kerk Sonder Mure (KSM) have accepted the challenge and have pledged to have 100 of their congregation enter this year’s Run & Cycle for Hope! They were also excited to keep the challenge going and challenged Lewende Woord Centurion!

Lewende Woord Centurion


Kerk in Suid

Not to be outdone Lewende Woord rose to the challenge and doubled it committing to getting 200 of their congregants joining the Hope Movement.

The Hope Movement gaining traction saw Kerk in Suid join in, committing to 100 members of their congregation to take part in the 2021 edition.

Doxa Deo Brooklyn


To be announced!

Accepting the Challenge from Kerk in Suid, Doxa Deo Brooklyn are currently working hard on reaching their target of 100 but made sure they spread the challenge on as well, challenging another Durban based congregation, KIS / NG Jeffreysbaai

Sports Club Challenge

Alpha Marathon Club


Irene Marathon Club

When the Alpha Centurion Runners and Walkers heard about our challenge they could not wait to get their runners and walkers involved too. They have committed to 50 runners/walkers for the day, and set the challenge for Irene to do the same!

Irene Running Club, not ones to shy away from a challenge. They have been loyal supporters of this race since it began and were only too happy to get their runners to join the ranks! They are set to challenge another club this coming week!

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