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A True Vintage Model

17 Aug 2009 — When you mention ’74-years-old’, most people would either think you were referring to a collectable antique or to somebody currently residing in a reti… read more

Coma 2 Comrades

8 Jul 2009 — Coma2Comrades is the incredible story of an athlete who, in the prime of his life, went out for a routine morning training… read more

Carbohydrates : Friend or Foe?

8 Jul 2009 — Carbohydrates are too often seen as an enemy to weight loss, but Modern Athlete takes a look a… read more


8 Jul 2009 — The Jeppe Quondam Club was founded in 1907 as an old boys’ sports club for the famous Johannesburg school. The athletics section was established… read more

Why Athletes Choose Chiropractic

8 Jul 2009 — Many amateur and professional athletes are sidelined with injuries that could be avoided, or problems that do not respond to ordinary treatment. Others… read more

Nutrition Recovery After Comrades

8 Jul 2009 — Comrades runners are often bombarded with very specific nutrition information to prepare for big races, but what about after the big race?Is… read more

Thirty-Six in a Row…

8 Jul 2009 — Mention the word Comrades and the club Jeppe in one sentence and most runners will ask you if you know Barry Holland. The man is an icon when it comes… read more

Attention! From Colonel to Coach

8 Jul 2009 — John Hamlett is one of the country’s top running coaches. He has received numerous accolades as a runner and even more as a coach. Paul was lucky… read more

Alan Robb, Comrades Golden Boy

20 May 2009 — Say the name ‘Alan Robb’ to anyone in road running circles and the response will undoubtedly be one of the utmost respect and awe. 99% of r… read more

Leonid chasing a 3rd win

20 May 2009 — Whether an ardent long distance runner, a fan or a distant observer, most people agree that Leonid Shvetsov is a Comrades legend and, depending on whom… read more

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