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A quick guide to shin splints

15 Oct 2009 — Brad Walker explains the signs and symptoms of shin splints, the preventative action you can take to reduce the chances of experiencing the injury and… read more

Know Your Fats

15 Oct 2009 — Energy in the diet comes in three forms – carbohydrate, protein and fat. These macronutrients are organic compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, but… read more

WINNING WALKER! 3 759.7km In A Year

15 Oct 2009 — He bought a brand new car, big and comfortable enough to sleep in before races. He spent hours planning which races to run where. He even forked out th… read more

Girl Power

15 Oct 2009 — Most runners’ daily runs take the same routes. Most races are the same year after year and sometimes, the predictability of a route leaves you wanting… read more

Running Blind

15 Oct 2009 — “I am blind and my wife has cancer. You read about these things and think it will never happen to you.” When you go out on y… read more

Timeless Warriors

15 Oct 2009 — Together they have run nearly 350 marathons and 48 Comrades. One of them was part of a group of only 12 runners on the starting line of the very first… read more

Rand Athletic Club

15 Oct 2009 — Rand Athletic Club (RAC) is the biggest and one of the oldest clubs in the country with a membership of close to 1 500 runners and walkers. It is a clu… read more

Gender Verification In Sport

15 Oct 2009 — The subject of gender testing in sport is currently a hot topic and Modern Athlete asked an expert, Sports Physician Dr Gavin Shang, to give us some in… read more

Irene Road Running Club

15 Oct 2009 — Irene Road Running Club (IRRC) is one of the most prominent running clubs in Gauteng North and is known for their eye catching logo ‘Serious abou… read more

Running from Pain

12 Oct 2009 — The proper role of pain relief medication in sports medicine has always been controversial. The effects and effectiveness of these drugs in treating mu… read more

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