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It’s Time to TRI

17 August 2009 — So you have finished a road race or two, maybe the Comrades or Two Oceans, done the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and want a new challenge.… read more

Runner’s Toes

17 August 2009 — Runner’s feet often look like they have been at war; they are battered and bruised.… read more

Phobians Running Club

17 August 2009 — Phobians is one of the original three running clubs in Pretoria and Modern Athlete went to chat to them to get some insight into the goings-on, highlig… read more

I Lost 21kg Running

17 August 2009 — Filipe Da Lomba, Fil to his friends, is a 32-year-old planning analyst at Anglo Platinum, with a degree in accounting from Johannesburg University. All… read more

9 Rules to Create a New Habit

17 August 2009 — To be a successful Modern Athlete in any form, whether you’re a walker, triathlete or runner, your daily habits in life dictate the success you will ac… read more

A True Vintage Model

17 August 2009 — When you mention ’74-years-old’, most people would either think you were referring to a collectable antique or to somebody currently residing in a reti… read more

Coma 2 Comrades

8 July 2009 — Coma2Comrades is the incredible story of an athlete who, in the prime of his life, went out for a routine morning training… read more

Carbohydrates : Friend or Foe?

8 July 2009 — Carbohydrates are too often seen as an enemy to weight loss, but Modern Athlete takes a look a… read more


8 July 2009 — The Jeppe Quondam Club was founded in 1907 as an old boys’ sports club for the famous Johannesburg school. The athletics section was established… read more

Why Athletes Choose Chiropractic

8 July 2009 — Many amateur and professional athletes are sidelined with injuries that could be avoided, or problems that do not respond to ordinary treatment. Others… read more

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