Start Your January Strong – Week Three

Welcome to Week Three!

Week Three: How to Avoid Injury 

The biggest obstacle to any big training block is getting injured, so this week we will look at what is non-negotiable when warming up before a run, because going into a run cold, no matter how short, is often how injuries happen. Your core muscles can make or break your running – if not used properly, You are likely over-straining other muscles, and that often causes injury. So, we’ll look at how to strengthen your core properly, from your abdomen right up to your chest, to ensure you have a strong base to support your run. And lastly, this week we’ll look at increasing your mobility through stretching, loosening the key muscles so you don’t become a tight ball after a hard run, ultimately preparing you for the next run.

An Introduction to the Week:

Day One - Warm UP Pre/Rehab your Injuries

Day Two: Workout Pre/Rehab your Injuries

Day Three: Stretch Pre/Rehab your Injuries