Kilimanjaro Stage Run

The Kilimanjaro Stage Run combines authentic off-the-beaten-path travel and exploration with organized supported running, and the goal of a complete circumnavigation of Mount Kilimanjaro in beautiful Tanzania, East Africa.

Ultrarunner Simon Mtuy and his team at Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience created this fully catered running adventure vacation to immerse you in the local cultures in this remote and scenic location while safely experiencing the footpaths of lower Kilimanjaro on a physically challenging activity.

More than just another run, the Kilimanjaro Stage Run is a multi-day adventure run (not a race) open to all runners willing to test their endurance covering 260 kilometers over 8 days at a moderate pace, while challenging their strength with more than 10,000 meters total elevation gain.

The terrain is technical and all running is done between 1500 and 2200 meters elevation, and only during the day. Runners are divided into groups by pace and always run with a Tanzanian running guide.