Well Worth Having

Try this energy beverage the next time you need a boost. ENDORUSH?! ultra-premium energy drink helps to increase physical energy, improves overall sense of wellbeing and intensifies mental focus and alertness. It also provides increased blood flow, oxygen delivery, electrolyte replenishment and muscle hydration. You can choose between two flavours, Tropical Fusion Fix and Blue Raspberry Fix, with zero sugar per serving. Available at Dis-Chem at R44.95 for a four-serving size bottle.
on the go spf 30
lip ice spf 30
These products are a must for any athlete who spends time outdoors. The compact 50ml bottle of sunscreen is convenient to keep in your sports bag or on hand at any time, and both products are sweat-resistant and contain UVA and UVB protection. Solace is endorsed by dermatologists and CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) and is suitable for most skin types (hypo-allergenic). Available from Cycle Lab and The Sweat Shop.
gel-piranha sp 3
Racing flat shoes are meant to be light… but at just 138 grams, the new Gel-Piranha SP 3 will make you stop and look twice to ensure you are actually holding a shoe! The midsole is made from super-light Solyte foam rubber, with a Duosole outsole, which provide the cushioning and traction you need for fast, short-distance racing. Recommended for lighter, super-efficient runners who don’t need extra cushioning or support. Available from The Sweat Shop at R1 099, and can be ordered by any ASICS stockist.
micoach pacer
miCoach provides real-time, audible training advice during your run, ensuring you stay within your target heart rate zone based on your pre-programmed workout by talking to you via an earpiece to tell you your pace, distance, time, heart rate and calories burnt. The monitor comes with a heart rate monitor chest strap and foot stride sensor, which send info to the monitor that it then feeds back to you. (The stride sensor is placed in the special cavity under the inner sole of your adidas shoe, or tied to the laces). You can also plug your mp3 player into miCoach – it will ‘interrupt’ when it ‘speaks’ to you – and you can sync your miCoach to www.adidas.com/micoach to analyse your stats and get coaching feedback online. Available at adidas performance stores or selected Totalsports, Sportsmans Warehouse and The Sweat Shop stores at R1 999.