Win With Trojan!


What better way to start your winter training than with a Trojan SPIN 120 exercise bike, valued at R3000! Thanks to Trojan, you could be the lucky winner spinning your way into winter with this amazing prize.

But Wait, there’s more!

There will also be five hampers up for grabs, full of Trojan goodies, to make your exercise regime a dream!

And all you need to do to be put into the draw for these wonderful prizes is fill in the survey below.


74 thoughts on “Win With Trojan!

  1. Thanking you for affording me the chance to play this competition. I hope I will make it and win. I really need this

  2. Winning this would be a dream I always wanted this to complete my training exercises

  3. Omg winning this would really help me with my goals and help me achieve what I so require crossing fingers

  4. This is so amazing, I can imagine myself cycling on it already…#nowringwithdreaming

  5. Covid 19 really hit hard, exercise has helped relieve the stress and with mental health. It’s a journey!

  6. Quality Products is important to reach your fitness goals. Spinning Running and weight training go hand in hand. Trojan is awesome.

  7. I would really love to win this prize as part of building my own home gym

  8. Omg winning this is amazing and exactly what I want to complete my exercise as I injured my knee through skipping and this is exactly what the doctor ordered

  9. I would really love to win this as my physio told me to do cycling and I dnt have a bicycle.

  10. Daily fitness is my best thing to work on my body. I would really appreciate if I can get an surprise prize to support my current fitness training.

  11. I’d loove to win this, it will make my training more easy during this pandemic and winter time. Totally crossing fingers.

  12. I would love to win this machine, it will make me stronger in my running and it is perfect for winter days

  13. Awesome stuff!! I would love to win a Trojan spin exercise bike to up my workout game.

  14. This is a awesome giveaway , I would love to own a Trojan bike where I can spin away.

  15. I would love to win this for my dad who is in his 70’s .He could train in the comfort and safety of his own home.

  16. In the bad weather and with covid regulations it would be great to train indoors by myself.

  17. It’s been my dream to own a Trojan bike, and it will be a dream come true to win one

  18. I need this as I cycle more than I run. Building a home gym in rural KZN and would use this to train or when I cannot cycle.

  19. I would love to win Trojan bike. It would really help me during this unprecedented time of Cov-19, it will make training much easy and better during this winter.

  20. I’m in my final year of MBA. This will be such a good stress reliever!

  21. I recently bought gym equipment from takealot. That option wasn’t on the list

  22. Hello if I can win this awesome prize I can be very very happy because all my family can benefit from it(my kids, husband and I )even my friend also as is now winter.

  23. Jst one equipment that i need as part of my home then i wl b the happiest gym freak ever

  24. Running changed my life, this equipment would do the same! I can see how it would take me to another level of fitness and help me stay strong-can’t wait to win!!!

  25. COVID changed our way of living an Spinning at Gum was my get away an safe place from daily stress. I don’t want to go to gym again so winning this Spinning bike would be ideal for my family an i

  26. Winning this incredible prize would really help towards my weight loss journey😊

  27. I would like to win this amazing prize as i love cycling. And it will reduce the stress of being unemployed.

  28. winning isn’t about getting a prize, most importantly is understanding healthy leaving and love of sport that brings diversity together.

  29. I would love to win this machine, it will help me build and sculpt my body and aid in weightloss

  30. Hello,
    I would love to win Trojan Cycling it will help me alot for loosing weight and train my injury leg please.

    Kind regards

  31. As winter is approaching working out will be ideal and having an indoor cycling bike will be great

  32. Thanks for the opportunity, would be nice to take some weight off my troublesome knee

  33. Thanks for the opportunity, it will be nice to do some spinning at home

  34. I’m hoping I’m selected to win at least hamper prizes.. this is so awesome..I’ve just started my exercise routine recently and going strong. Sometimes the right equipment is an encouragement on it’s own 🙂

  35. Awesome giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize. Love to be healthy so I can spend more time with my family

  36. I hope I’m the lucky winner of this awesome prize. This past year has made me realize my health is priceless and irreplaceable. Trojan is a trust brand that I would love to add to my exercise routine at home. My whole family will benefit and enjoy this incredible prize.

  37. I love trojan workout equipment , its durable and comfortably to use.

  38. Monthly I run 300km, either on the road or my Trojan treadmill that’s getting extremely tired and needs upgrading it’s very noisy 😝 mainly my running is done on my treadmill as it’s not safe in SA to run outside in the dark.

    I spin like 4 times a week. Which I love too.

    I would choose Trojan as it’s MY space My Time!

  39. I pray I get selected as a winner even though winning isn’t only getting the prize but learning n falling more for sport

  40. Running bit depression and anxiety – many people we lost jobs during the pandemic and we still home and we need to be active to bit the anxiety and depressions.

  41. I absolutely enjoy spinning as part of my cross training. What an awesome prize.

  42. This will make my dream of training grannies come true.we will beat those high bloods and get our granies healthy and active.i would be very much happy to have it as our equipment for daily training.

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