Runners High

Runners High!


Recently we started a feature called “Runners High,” each month we publish a great running pic of a great running place, supplied by you, our readers. 

This month we’re on the Sea Point Promenade, with a pic taken by the incredibly talented Jeff Ayliffe. 

Do you want your running pic featured? We’re always looking for contributions, so feel free send us your pic by mailing it to

The Experience (as seen on Facebook):

Jeff Ayliffe: I waited a while to get the moment of wave impact and a runner in frame.

Derrick Frazer: Did you get the same runner to keep running past?

Jeff Ayliffe: Nope, just waited, hoping for a random bit of luck.

Dean Hopf: Mari Bester, it is you!

Mari Bester: Whattttt!!!! Crazy! Dankie vir dit!!!

Jeff Ayliffe: I actually nearly chased you to see if you wanted me to send it, but I thought it would make me a bit of a stalker.  I was hoping someone would recognise you.

Mari Bester: Thank you so much for the photo, Jeff. I love it!

Gert Wilkins: Mmmm, Jeff, I wonder if you would be able to catch her.

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