Be Famous with Under Armour & Modern Athlete!


Under Armour is partnering with Modern Athlete to bring your something fresh and exciting to coincide with the launch of the UA Flow Velociti Wind!

We are giving one lucky runner the chance to review this amazing new shoe for our next edition of Modern Athlete Magazine! So not only will you win a pair of these “fast” running shoes, you will also have your moment of fame in South Africa’s biggest running publication!

To whet your appetite to run in these awesome new shoes, check out this description of them: “There’s fast, and then there’s UA Flow fast. Lightweight, rubberless and durable, our newest cushioning gives a close-to-the-ground, grippy feeling of speed. The kind of speed that feels like you’ve got the wind at your back.”

The UA Flow Velociti’s speed comes from its innovative new design, and you simply need to experience it for yourself! So, what are you waiting for, check out our form below and enter today


35 thoughts on “Be Famous with Under Armour & Modern Athlete!

  1. UA! You need a Grandmaster champion to show the world that oldies can keep running. You don’t stop running because you get old! No! You get old because you stop running!

  2. I would love to try and run with less of a shoe especially trails, where toes need to grip.

  3. Hope to be selected I really love running in Under Armour gear to me they are best brand in my sport

  4. I visited over Easter weekend The outlets at V&A and Sanctuary City, Cape Town and was surprised with their pricing and product knowledge. Their merchandise is very appealing.

  5. I would really enjoy this opportunity. As a plus size beginner runner, Its my aim to show other moms that running can and is enjoyable.

  6. I’m that novice who refused to run a half marathon before attempting a marathon!! From failing to complete 30km training run to comfortably finishing the Cde Marathon, All in 16 weeks of absolute dedication and 16Kg left on the tarmac! Under Armour give me the Wind, I will make it Velociti

  7. Love the competitiveness of the brand and the quality of Under Armour products

  8. I would like to have one of your new under Armour running get to experience the best feeling of the shoe. It would also be my first time winning something

  9. i havent seen this shoes or wear how light are they. Can they handle comrade marathon

  10. Like the fact that it’s lightweight but durable. It also scores a high on the aesthetics board

  11. I always enjoy my run in my Under armour tights ,it hugs me do perfectly no pulling up during my run i can only imagine how the shoe feels like 😌

  12. Im coming out of my comfort zone and I want the road, the ground to feel it, I want the Ocean to wave as I run past ..with my Under Armour gear.. Let me fly as the wind pushes me towards the finish line.

  13. I’m a sixty year runner. I run with Under Armour Hovr Infinite shoes. I enjoy them. To get these could fulfill my dream and goal to be a lifetime runner.

  14. I would love to be used as an experiment who knows it might be a lifetime experiment or a a good long term relationship..

  15. Recently bought my first pair of UA HOVR Infinite 2 GRD and amazed at detailed information & coaching tips received via app…❤ it

  16. I started running this year and I’m enjoying it. One thing that bothers me is my left ankle that gets injured.

  17. I would love to feel whether they give me enough stability even though they are light. Being a Grandmaster and having a bit of neuropathy I need enough cushioning too especially since doing Two Oceans Ultra just once is my dream. Lost out 2019 due to health issues and last year due to covid.

  18. Running not only keeps you fit. it leaves you looking young and beautiful!

  19. For every uphill there is a downhill. Good shoes make it easier for both!

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