30 thoughts on “Win with New Balance!

  1. Great Looking Shoe – Rather Pricey, But I guess Performance and comfort comes with a price tag

  2. My 1080’s have finally given up.
    Great fit for my wide feet,comfy, durable.Worth every single sent i paid for them.

    Time for a new pair but being unemployed and over 60 its not easy.

    Thanks for a great magazine.

  3. Great running shoes to have as an athlete especially the comfort and its foamy sole.

  4. Excellent shoe, been running in them many years & versions. unfortunately, they have become very pricey – arguably worth it however still pricey!

  5. I only run in new balance – they have a wide fit which is good for my foot.

  6. I have broad feet and New Balance is the best fit I have so far encountered on road… I’ll be soon able to give you a trail shoe review too! A bit pricey but totally comparable with other brands and remains my shoe of choice. Love the look too!

  7. I have the previous model and found it to be very good as I prefer the new direction the shoe companies are going to a more softer but more responsive feel!

  8. Thanks for your update on the new production of the new balance racing shoes.Proceed with the good work for us(runners)

  9. These would help me with my upper heels as they easily get strained after a long run.

  10. Great shoes to run with; comfortable and excellent support for the foot

  11. I love the V versions, have been running in NB since 2017, never looked back.

  12. Beautiful and comfortable shoes to run with. I did two Comrades Marathon and 4 ultra runs, OMTOM and Om Die Dam with and from there, I never looked back.

    I love New Balance their reflects in the dark.

  13. New Balance have been my running shoe of choice for over 40 years. They could have taken me to the moon and back. 🌝

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